Wasting Time On The Wrong Actions

In this video I talk about what to do when you are working on a big goal and you are at a crossroads.

Which action do you take?
Which plan to do you execute?

You worry about doing the wrong things and wasting days or weeks of your time.

If this is you, the message in this video is your cure for your worry

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One Response to Wasting Time On The Wrong Actions

  1. Carl November 19, 2013 at 8:49 am #

    Today I went back through some emails and realized I missed this message. This message couldn’t come at a better time as this is how I have been thinking lately….I have been thinking what direction to take but the fear of wasting time and going the wrong path holds me back….in fact this has been holding me back since May of this year.

    Thanks for sharing Justin.
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