Quick Inspiration From Mel Robbins

I’m always on the hunt for videos, speeches, presentations, training, etc… that can inspire me or give me some new insights to improve in *some* way.

The other day I came across a great “Tedx” talk by a lady named Mel Robbins who has a very unique spin on self motivation.

There was one particular insight that really stuck with me because I’ve experienced it a LOT in my life.

In a nutshell it goes like this…

People never “feel like” doing the things they need to do to make a positive change. For example, you are likely never going to “feel like” going on a diet to lose weight. There is never going to be a “right” time. SO.. the real answer is you have to FORCE yourself!

Then she gives the analogy of forcing yourself out of bed an hour early. This is not comfortable physically. It feels brutal but it also goes away after a minute or so once you are up and at it. The same FORCE you use to push yourself through that pain/discomfort of being tired is the same kind of force you often must use when driving towards the big goals in your life!

As someone who has been forcing myself out of bed at 4am for a year and now 3am for the past 6 months, I know INTIMATELY what she means. But the act of doing this has created a certain strength in me that I have never been able to put into words.

Her talk really made it crystallize for me. Here is the talk (as a side note, check out the youtube page to see all of the negative comments about her speech. Always makes for an interesting read to hear people speak their mind behind the anonymity of a youtube user account)

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2 Responses to Quick Inspiration From Mel Robbins

  1. Carl November 3, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    Amazing the amount of naysayyers there are especially when it is such a positive message.

    That is me to a tee – “force myself to do things”. In the early moments of forcing myself to accomplish certain things in life it hurts, it feels bad BUT once I have accomplished the task….it feels great! The more greats I accomplish the less forcing I have to do.

    When Mel Robbins said “Don’t say FINE say what you really are…if you are FINE you are not pushing yourself” – this is a great way to look at it as it is so true.

    A few years back I took on a promise to myself to never say “I have a problem” instead say “I have a challenge” …I heard it said once that you never have a “problem” unless you are dying everything else is life’s challenges. Sometimes I make the mistake of saying “it is a problem” but then I quickly rephrase it to say “it is a challenge”.

    I made myself accountable at this level to my family and believe me they pay attention when I make a mistake and use the word “problem” 🙂

    We have challenges not problems! Thanks again for sharing Justin.
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    • Justin Popovic November 4, 2013 at 4:53 pm #

      Great point Carl. A problem sounds more defeating than a challenge. I love the idea of having your own family hold you accountable for changing your vocabulary around the 2 perspectives. That will definitely keep you on track!!

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