Develop Self Belief Like Muhammad Ali

One of the most effective methods for changing or improving your thought patterns, and in turn improving your behavior/habits, is to study and emulate people who have qualities of character you wish to have for yourself.

I have studied hundreds of inspiring people from athletes to authors to business people and political figures and many of them have helped me shape certain parts of my personality for the better.

When I say “better” I mean self improvement. Things like increased confidence, more discipline, increased happiness and passion and more drive/motivation.

One of the most important aspects of self improvement is SELF BELIEF. If you have set your goals and ambitions high enough, there is a good chance that when you first start out, very few people (if any) will believe in you. So self belief becomes more important than ever.

And for me personally (and most people I have talked to), my default mode of operation is to be conservative. Traditionally I was not much of a risk taker, not very bold and often overly concerned about other people’s opinions.

In order to overcome this challenge, I have studied people who have NO PROBLEM in that department and the number 1 person in this area that I have found is Muhammad Ali. He carried himself with such high levels of self belief that many called him cocky and arrogant. The thing is, most of us could stand to be a more more cocky and arrogant to compensate for our overly conservative nature.

I have watched Ali videos over and over and over again and studied his mannerisms, his body language, the intensity with which he speaks and his entire character. And it has had a lasting impact on me. Here are 3 videos of Ali I am going to suggest you study as well and let his personality and character alter your overly conservative nature (assuming that is something that is holding you back)

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