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Change Your Life AND Business Forever In The Next 30 Days With My Entrepreneur Success Coaching Program

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

A common mistake among many entrepreneurs these days is information overload. When a business owner wants to improve his/her results, the most common response is to buy a new information product or system that can uncover a secret tactic or strategy that might be missing.

The problem with this approach is that MOST entrepreneurs who buy too many info products have not yet taken action on previous ideas that could very well be the key component to their success. Often, these ideas were their OWN and they toss them aside in favor of a new bright, shiny object that promises the world.

The Truth Is This…

You don’t always need more information to reach a new level of success!

The real solution is much more profound than that: The real solution for taking your life and your business to the next level is YOU! Your own self development and your ability to be resourceful and confident is the real key. When you master your own mind and attitude, you will tap into the ultimate cause of your success in life. This is where true happiness comes from.


It’s Not What You Know…


I’ve spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs who have literally spent 100’s of hours and thousands of dollars on business education only to never use the information. Many of these people spend $0 and 0 time on their own self development.

Here’s an example:

You can go to Google or some business marketplace and buy a course that teaches you how to build a 6 figure business using video marketing. But if you are afraid of being on camera, too picky with the results, too nervous to get started (or worse, too nervous to finish what you started), then the course will be of absolutely zero use to you!

The thing is…

There will ALWAYS be a new course, a new system, a new strategy for achieving specific results in business (regardless of the industry). And more often than not, your personal path to success will come from a combination of 2 things:

  1. Modeling successful people who have achieved what you want to achieve
  2. Implementing these systems as a model and COMBINING it with your own unique ideas/style

Business is always changing and you will always be adapting new strategies and tactics. There is no constant, single approach to business success.

The Only Constant Is You…

Would it not then make sense to dedicate a significant amount of time, energy and focus to learning about you? To learning about:

  • Your habits
  • Your positive AND negative tendencies
  • What motivates you
  • What dis-empowers you
  • What stops you from taking action on your ideas
  • What your core talents are
  • How to energize yourself
  • How to speak and act confidently

Imagine how your life and business would transform if you dedicated time every day to developing yourself and understanding all of the items listed above?

How much more profitable could your business become? How much better would you become at your core talents? How much more quality time could you spend with your family? How much stress could you remove from your life? How much happier and more confident would you feel? How would other people in your life become uplifted and motivated by your infectious attitude?

All of these outcomes (and more) are completely in your control and YOU are the one who decides a) what the outcomes will be and b) what you will do to ensure you produce the results you ultimately desire.

What Determines The Shape Of Your Life?

Your goals and dreams don’t determine the shape of your life.
Your financial situation doesn’t.
Your spouse doesn’t.
Your parents don’t.
Your background doesn’t.
Your current skill set doesn’t.

So What DOES Determine The Shape Of Your Life?

It is the thoughts and actions you take consistently that ultimately shape your life!

The key word here is “consistently”. It is one thing to get excited about your goals and dreams for a day… or even a week. But unless you consistently work on those goals and dreams, what are the odds they will ever come to pass? The answer is obvious.

Building Consistency Into Your Life

This is where my 30 Day Entrepreneur Success Coaching Program can help you make drastic AND lasting changes in your life and your business. When you work with me as your coach, we will collectively determine your goals, dreams, objectives, passions, talents and motivators so that you can develop a plan to habitually improve and build on your core genius.

2 very powerful forces will begin to work for you the MOMENT you decide the enroll in coaching:

  1. Accountability: Declaring your goals and intentions on a piece of paper that only you see is one thing. Declaring you goals in public, to family, to friends or to a coach who cares about your success is an entirely different situation. You already know at a gut level that personal accountability can and will alter your behavior.
  2. Measuring Your Results: The famous management expert Peter Drucker is known for his saying, “What gets measured gets managed“. This is a very important distinction. This means that you can take an active role in your own success by carefully measuring what’s working and what needs to be tossed out the window. Coaching automatically creates an opportunity for you to assess your actions, measure your results, and improve your decisions as you evolve.

While my coaching program involves much more than just accountability and results measurement, I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of both factors in your own personal success.

Commitment Vs. Interest

How do these 2 words play out in your mind. What is the difference between someone who is interested in success versus someone who is committed to achieving success no matter what??

My coaching program is about total commitment to yourself and your goals/dreams.

When you commit to a result ahead of time, you have a very different mindset than people who just talk about their dreams and ideas. There is no “maybe” in your vocabulary. Your brain has accepted your desired result as real and inevitable and your body follows suit by doing whatever it takes to bring the idea into reality.

You have already done this many times in your life. Think about a test or exam you wrote, a speech you had to make, a family event you had to attend, a date with someone interesting or purchasing a home. In all of these examples, you made a firm decision ahead of time and you followed through on this “inevitable” activity. There was never any doubt it was going to happen.

When you commit to my Entrepreneur Success Coaching Program you are sending a similar signal to your brain/mind/body that says you have some very specific results that are inevitable for your life and you are totally committed to achieving them and to doing whatever it takes to make your vision become a reality.

Are You Ready To Commit to Success? Here Is How My Coaching Program Will Help You…

Over the next 30 days, we are going to work together as a team to discover your true goals and intentions while developing a plan to bring all of those ideas into reality. You’ve tried to do it alone before and you keep running into the same roadblocks. You’ve set and then reset your goals so many times that you aren’t sure which direction is right for you. You know there are things you could be doing today to be happier and more successful… but you aren’t doing them.

My coaching program will help you make lasting changes in all areas of your life.

Here is what my 30 day program includes:

  • 4 one-hour coaching calls with me, Justin Popovic (one per week)
  • 1 bonus call you can use at any time over the next 365 days to reinforce or refocus on your goals
  • An mp3 recording of each call for review and long term learning/study
  • Direct Skype Chat access to me for the entire duration of your program
  • Free access to my popular program The Quit Your Job Manual – for aspiring entrepreneurs – $97 value
  • Free access to 7 Day Brainwash self development audio program featuring myself and Brad Gosse – $297 value
  • Free access to Product-ivity my video course teaching you about product creation success – $97 value
  • 1 month free access to Dpassport.com to access our huge library of business and marketing education products – $47 value

After each coaching session, you will be given various tasks and assignments that we develop during the course of each call. These tasks and assignments will serve as a check point and measuring stick for the subsequent calls. This ensures you are making huge progress towards you goals and gives you a plan to be held accountable to.

After our first scheduled call, if you are not convinced that this program is going to help you make huge gains in your life and business, you can request a full refund of your enrollment fee.

How Does The Program Unfold?

When you first enroll in my coaching program, you will be taken directly to a thank you page that acts as your virtual receipt and confirms your coaching enrollment. This thank you page will include a downloadable success coaching survey that you must complete prior to our first session together.

This is an in depth survey that allows you to evaluate yourself thoroughly and honestly and lets me know exactly where you are at in your life and business.

The survey document will also include instructions for scheduling your first call and how to send your completed to survey to me for review.

CALLS – I conduct most of my calls over Skype but if you prefer phone based conversations, that is not a problem. Please indicate in your survey whether you will be using phone or Skype for your coaching calls. Are You Ready To Get Started???

After our first scheduled call, if you are not convinced that this program is going to help you make huge gains in your life and business, you can request a full refund of your enrollment fee.

Still Not Sure This Is The Right Program For You?

Investing in coaching is a very important step in your own success. I realize that there are plenty of coaches and programs to choose from. All of them have their strengths and benefits. If you have any questions that you need answered before you join my 30 day program, please click the Contact button and send us a detailed explanation of your questions. We will respond within 24 hours (or on Monday if your question was sent over the weekend).

Justin’s Achievements And Testimonials:

The best place to read about my experiences as an entrepreneur is to check out the Justin’s Work page or to visit my personal blog at JustinPopovic.com.

I have been a full time entrepreneur since 2008 after spending 7 years as a software trainer and sales rep for IBM Canada.

In all sincerity, Justin Popovic is simply the best. His huge knowledge about internet marketing is just the beginning. He understands business and what it takes to make any business succeed. Other coaches might know those things, and they still won’t help you succeed. Justin’s “magic” is the way he uses his understanding of human nature and of you in particular, with all your talents and strengths and weaknesses, to help you shape your goals, desires and talents into a viable, successful business. He did it for me. I had the desire and I had skills, but I was running around in confusion, not knowing how to bring things together…so never getting past square one. For a long, long time. Justin “organized my assets” and, just as important, gave me the confidence to take consistent actions toward a specific goal. Because of him I now have a successful career in internet marketing. And I know that I’m only at the beginning of a career that will get better and better. Justin did that for me. I could not have done it without him. Please believe me, he can do it for you. He will change your life. — Diane Chesson, PhD, USA

Justin is an excellent business coach and mentor he also has an in-depth knowledge on Internet Marketing and all aspects of building a successful business. The bottom line for me is that he is a nice guy to work with.  — Stan Young, Business Owner, Australia

Justin is a great motivator. Several times in the past he helped me to overcome depression and fear and motivated me to keep persisting, with stories and quotes. He can motivate your employees to attain their goals, despite serious obstacles. I strongly recommend Justin as a trainer on motivational issues. — S. Dasgupta, Ph. D, India

Justin is a wealth of knowledge on seeming every topic pertaining to IM and more.  He’s been in the trenches and KNOWS what works.  In addition, we linked up during a tumultuous time in my life, during a time that I’m sure I came across as bleak and kind of a pain in the ass…for some reason the cards kind of lined up for a lot of stuff to go wrong in my life the past 6 months or so, but I could ALWAYS count on Justin to motivate me and put me back in a mindset of growth (Note…That’s NOT HIS JOB).  In all seriousness, Justin has been extremely helpful and professional, and his coaching is a steal at any price.  He is truly, genuinely interested in giving you a leg up. — Mike Huffman, Seattle

I met Justin a few years ago with great admiration as he took on his dream job in becoming a motivating coach. His personal and professional growth has been inspiring. Justin’s work ethic is second to none. When I need a boost of my own I visit his web site http://www.igniteyouressence.com/ or I send him a quick @justin_popovic tweet. I know he is always there for support. If you invest just a moment of your time to see what he is up to, you will not be disappointed… I guarantee you will take something of value back with you. — Ian Chiocchio, Toronto

I have had the opportunity to have my initial 1 hour consultation with Justin. I can easily say that it was the most important hour in my entire business career. I came into the consultation with a lot of good ideas, but without a plan. Now I have a plan and a blueprint to achieve the plan. Justin is the perfect coach because he is an excellent listener. He listened to all my ideas intently and gave me a much better path to achieving my goals. He obviuosly knows his stuff. One of his ideas alone could end up save me thousands of dollars and hours of lost time. Everytime I read a testimonial on this forum that says “He should be charging way more for this”, I roll my eyes, in Justin’s case it’s absolutely true. These meetings will end up being worth many thousands to me. My advice to anyone who who has some ideas, but is looking for a plan of action, is to sign up for my coaching immediately. I don’t give out testimonials often, only when they are deserved. — Steve, U.S.

You do a great job. It is obvious that this is a true calling. You inspire people to listen to their passions and follow their hearts. Thank you for the motivation and positive life fulfilling approach to every day decisions. — Tamara Wright, Ontario

I was looking for guidance and a plan to get me moving in the right direction and Justin provided that and far more. As others have shared he was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about Internet Marketing, Personal Development and Success Strategies. He shared some ideas that never occurred to me and more importantly gave me the direction, guidance and encouragement to allow me to finally get moving in the right direction. I have my work cut out for me that’s for sure, but now I can finally take those all important first steps forward. Thanks Justin — Ted Flagge, U.S.

It takes someone with a special talent to be able to fine tune someone else’s business ideas. Not everyone can do that, but Justin does it well. I’m very impressed by him, and was delighted to figure out some things that I had been stuck on, with his help. Honestly, there have been lots of times in the past that I have avoided coaching calls, even when I’ve bought products that came with them as part of the package. I’ve avoided facing the “tough questions” and possibly being confronted with my own shortcomings as a marketer. In fact the opposite happened. I found that I was much further along toward my goals than I thought, and I came away knowing what I need to do next. — Teresa Miller, U.S.

Wow, I’m just about speechless and that doesn’t happen very often! I had my mentoring session this afternoon with Justin and left the call with an actionable plan that I can begin to implement today. And, I’m encouraged that it is a viable plan. When we began the call, I was totally unfocused, had a jillion ideas in my head and no real plan as to how to implement anything. Justin asked thought provoking questions, which in turn pulled out of me a desire that I knew about myself, just didn’t know how to do anything with it. Now I have a plan. That focus is worth much more than the cost of this (coaching). Thank you Justin!– Martha Mayo, U.S.

After our first scheduled call, if you are not convinced that this program is going to help you make huge gains in your life and business, you can request a full refund of your enrollment fee.


Justin Popovic, Success Coach

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