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Friday Ignite 14 – The NO Complaint Diet

Success ultimately boils down to productivity. Productivity boils down to maximizing your time. Maximizing your time requires an intense focus on getting the MOST out of every minute, every hour, every day. Any moment spent complaining robs you from making a real change in your life. Try this mental diet today… Please leave me a […]

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Friday Ignite 13 – Don’t Cheat Yourself

Very often it is easier to avoid challenge than face it head on. Too often, people want to find the shortcuts to success. But the truth is that, REAL success and growth comes from facing those challenges head on. Don’t cheat yourself. Don’t deny yourself the self expansion that comes with struggle and laying it […]

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Friday Ignite 12 – The Power Of Repetition

Excellence is typically the result of a lot of small things done well. Small, incremental changes to improve yourself will have a cumulative effect over time to help you produce amazing results. The challenge is getting ourselves to do the little things well… and do them consistently. This strategy will help you effect change in […]

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