QuitYourJobmanual.com – Successful Entrepreneur Launches New And Improved Version Of Acclaimed Program

QuitYourJobManual.com launches latest edition from successful and independent entrepreneur Justin Popovic

September 20th, 2010 – Are you stuck in a dead end job? Do you want to work for yourself and find the freedom that gives you time doing more of what you love? That’s exactly what happened to Justin Popovic, former cushy jobholder who aspired to pursue his ultimate freedom by being his own boss. Due to his own limitations and mistakes, Justin learned from those early trials to rise above the ashes and successful business for himself and penned his experiences, lessons and life altering nuggets of wisdom into a manual that teaches you to do the same thing.

“Having come from the “worker” mentality and transforming my mind, body and soul to live and breathe entrepreneurship, I know EXACTLY what it takes to make the successful transition form security in the form of a job, to freedom by running a business that makes you come alive,” Popovic chimed.

This is the latest revised edition of the highly popular manual that includes a 38 full-page PDF Report with coaching lessons and exercises, a one-hour video presentation that teaches you how to implement the system and four mp3 files for listening. This all ensures that you make the right steps in the transition to the next phase of your life full of freedom and bliss.

Brad Gosse of Ontario said, “This is pure awesomeness. I’m so glad to see this ready…Frankly; he is selling this stuff too cheaply in my opinion…most people are used to paying low prices just to get disappointed later. This will be the opposite, you will pay low and be shocked at the value Justin delivers….Get this now!”

For more information on how to fire your boss and live your life to the fullest, visit www.QuitYourJobManual.com — Produced By Justin Popovic Success Coach

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