Learning How To Control Fear

I’ve been reading some very interesting stuff on mental toughness and some specific books about Navy SEALS. Very enlightening information.

One topic that keeps coming up is fear. I have written and talked about fear a number of times. I have studied fear in my own life at many many levels and I literally do dozens of things now, that just 4 or 5 years ago would have been too “fearful” for me. I’ve been a good “test subject”.

But I’ve seen a lot of people really struggle with this and in fact, many people live in a sort of “prison” of their own fears and worries.

I find the best way to deal with problems like this is to understand as much about the source of the problem as possible. Namely, how fear actually works at a scientific level and from there, learning how to work with it… and ultimately take control of it.

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