Excellence And Happiness – Part 2 Rant

Yesterday I posted an audio update about the tight correlation between how well we execute on a daily basis and the happiness we feel. The general message was… the more you commit to excellence in ALL areas of life, the happier you will generally feel.

And conversely, when you let yourself slip, become lazy and complacent and give into bad habits… a lot of anger, pain, frustration and unhappiness creeps in.

Today I do a quick 5 minute follow up with a mini rant and an important update about a couple of things I have been observing that I want you to watch out for…

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3 Responses to Excellence And Happiness – Part 2 Rant

  1. Bill October 26, 2013 at 12:19 am #

    Hi Justin
    I agree with what you saying up to a certain point. I believe excellence must also fit within the way a person is designed. Most people have little or no clue how they are designed. However there is a simple way to learn that by taking the Gallup Strengthsfinder test. What the test measures is the top of mind patterns each person has. Strengthsfinder calls them Strengths and they are divided into 34 themes. Knowing your top 5 themes makes it possible to have clear and concise language which will then let a person know the needs, wants and demands each of those themes places on them every day.
    Doing excellence based on those needs, wants and demands will create exponential growth and energy for a person. However the reverse is true also. Doing excellence but outside of those needs, wants and demands loses energy. That is one reason why people have a hard time maintaining excellence. They are neglecting or misusing their personality needs, wants and demands.

    • Justin Popovic October 26, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

      Hey Bill
      Sorry your comment was flagged as spam for some reason so I just got to it now. Thanks for the feedback and that is an awesome insight.

      For example, I hate accounting and numbers. I *could* be good at them if I spent a ton of time on it but I would not be very happy or energetic. I would rather focus on other strengths and outsource the accounting stuff… which ironically is exactly what I do in my business 🙂

      Thanks for enhancing the message here

  2. Carl October 28, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    Hey Justin:

    I agree completely with what you said and I like the comment Bill has made. It is so easy to buy into the lay back and reap the rewards lifestyle without having to sow a thing, at least not a lot. (according to some so called guru-magicians) 🙂

    I believe you have to work hard to some degree but along with that you have to work smart…knowing our weaknesses and strengths can play a major role in this but I have also worked with people offline who are aware of their weaknesses and strengths and don’t seem to care about focusing on the strengths that much. I can only assume the same happens here online.

    There are a select number of us who knowing their strengths would definitely find a way to work more in those areas thus growing as an individual and entrepreneur.

    As you put it we all have a lazy part in us and I believe the difference between those who are successful and those who stay mediocre, is the amount of time we stay lazy and what our overall expectations are. I have taken time to sleep, watch TV during my daily routine but then something inside me kicks me hard and I get back at it an hour later.

    Downtime is great but we have to be careful we don’t get the energy torpedoed out of us….I now stay away from the bedroom and TV, when I need to break to re-energize I usually go for a walk or listen to healing music also known as relaxation music…it helps to re-energize.
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