What’s Old Is New Again

As you work to develop yourself and improve your skills in your life and business, you will learn so many powerful lessons that give you that “aha” moment of inspiration.

Think back to a time when you got an insight or an idea that gave you a huge rush of excitement almost as though you discovered a huge secret or won the lottery.

These situations happen more often than you probably realize and a lot of the time, the lesson learned is quickly forgotten before you have a chance to implement it.

A great example for me is my study journal. As I read new books or go through entrepreneur based training programs, I’m always writing down my ideas and insights from each course/book. Sometimes I double underline, highlight or even rewrite some of the key lessons that give me that rush of inspiration.

Very often, when I review my notes months (or sometimes years) later, I realize that the idea is just as valid today BUT I still have yet to take action on the idea or the concept.

In fact, I often find that these old ideas are even more appropriate today because I have grown in capability to the point where I can effectively implement those ideas that were so exciting back in the day.

Just today, I was talking with a fellow online biz owner who was giving me some tips on a specific aspect of building my mailing list. Without going into details, we ended up discussing a strategy that I had come across about 4 years ago and somehow just completely forgotten about.

With my new skills and abilities, this strategy is perfect for where I’m at today in business. Four years ago, it was a little too advanced for where I was at. The old idea was new again and even more useful than it was when I first learned it.

So my challenge to you is this:

Go back through your old books, study programs, journals, notebooks and so on. Revisit some of the sources that had a big impact on you months (or years) ago and look for the lessons.

You may be surprised to realize that the answer to a major problem you are working on right now has already been answered in these forgotten archives. Sometimes just re-reading a great book will give you huge insights and “ahas” that you simply couldn’t see before.

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