The Greats Inspire From Anywhere

I often think back to a question I received a year or 2 ago from a fellow online business owner. He was in a similar line of work as my business producing rebrandable “white label” digital products.

He knew that one of my main passions was teaching and coaching personal development and motivation.

He asked me if I truly enjoyed the work I was doing in my company. He had recently come to the realization that he was really just doing this business for the money in order to keep his entrepreneurial dreams alive.

But he felt a disconnect because he didn’t feel like he was really making a difference or truly helping people with his products.

I actually don’t even remember the kind of stuff he was selling but to be honest, it doesn’t matter. If there is a market for it, and people are buying it, there is value and you CAN make a difference.

In fact, it doesn’t matter WHAT you do or what line of work you are in. You can make a huge difference and impact a ton of people in a positive way by:

– The way you conduct yourself on a daily basis
– Producing an unmatched level of quality and attention to detail
– Having a positive, progressive attitude that shows you care about doing your very best
– Operating in a mode of excellence and setting a standard for those around you
– Recognizing and celebrating the efforts of coworkers, staff, bosses or employers
– Doing far more than you are paid to do

I’ll never forget how shocked I was one day when I went to a local Tim Horton’s coffee shop and met the most energetic, accommodating, enthusiastic server I had ever seen. He couldn’t have been more than 15 years old but the way he carried himself and the level of excellence he demanded from himself was more than evident. Compared the 99% of the servers I see at the same coffee chain, you can see why I still remember him a few years after the incident.

Some people may look at a job like that and be upset at being stuck in a very demanding minimum wage position. This young dude inspired me that day by showing me how a truly successful person carries himself… regardless of role.

Imagine how many successful business owners and potential employers he served coffee to on a daily basis? I’m sure finding opportunities for advancement would have been a breeze for this guy.

The lesson.

Never ever ever discount your current position. Never forget that you can make a huge difference no matter what you do. You can elevate your life by holding yourself to a higher standard and being part of the 1% that demonstrates excellence. If you demonstrate excellence long enough, more excellence and success will naturally be drawn to you.

Need more proof? Look at the humble beginnings of some of the most successful entrepreneurs throughout history. It was their attitude more than aptitude or opportunity that ultimately made them who they were.

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  1. Carl November 24, 2013 at 10:40 am #

    This is an awesome message Justin as it is just the type of lesson I have attempted to bring my children up on….mind you they really haven’t listened up to this point. but I still won’t give up as I too am inspired by the young person who stands out from the crowd being positive and courteous at times when they don’ t have to be.

    Today’s retail positions pay no better than the past when you considered inflation, cost of living etc but the one thing that has changed is the demands we as a society put on these retail clerks…they have thankless jobs by times and for those people young and older who can maintain a positive attitude throughout their time in these position…hats off to them.
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