Success Fundamentals – Part 5 – Develop Your Mind

Develop Your Mind

“What we are today comes from
our thoughts of yesterday and our
present thoughts build our life
tomorrow. Our life is the creation
of our mind.”
–Siddhartha Buddha

Now that you have gone through Part 4 and examined your personal fears and barriers, you have already begun the process of developing your mind.

When I say, “develop the mind”, I am really talking about reaching an elevated level of understanding regarding the connection between your mind, your body and the results in your life.

An important distinction to make before we discuss the mind any further is that our mind is simply a ‘part’ of us. Too often, people identify themselves as their mind when, in truth, our mind is another part of our being much like our arms or legs. Even more importantly, WE have the ability to CONTROL our mind by choosing our THOUGHTS.

That’s right! We choose our thoughts whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, many people are in the habit of choosing negative thoughts without even realizing they are doing so. For example, if you have lived your whole life believing that another person’s opinion is more important than your own, then you would have accepted any negative criticism as the truth regardless of whether it served you or not. In fact, someone’s negative comment may
have actually caused you to abandon your dream.

Unless you learned how to CHOOSE new thoughts regarding other people’s opinions, you would never be able to change these results. If you would like to learn more, read the article entitled, “Self-Talk. How Thoughts Affect Feelings” by Jerry Waxler.

The empowering realization is that your ability to choose thoughts is ALWAYS available to you. You have the power to habituate new thought patterns (beliefs) that support your passions and goals in life.

Habituating this new way of thinking is not something that will happen overnight. Like any other habit, it takes consistency and repetition. This e-Course has been designed not only to help you develop new habits but to understand WHY you are developing them.

Remember Part 1? You identified your life passions and your WANTS. Dwell on these ideas because the emotional charge you get from them will give you the fuel required to complete the following exercises:

Part 5 – Exercises

Write out a list of current circumstances in your life where you are unhappy with your results.

1. Mentally review your thought patterns or BELIEFS around each particular issue. What kind of “self talk” have you been engaged in (i.e. have you been reinforcing this result at some level of your consciousness).

2. Thinking back to your PASSIONS and WANTS, build an image of your life and how it would look if you were able produce a new result in this area. Use written descriptions, pictures, audio, video or any other tools necessary to help you think FROM the perspective of your ideal result.

In the next part, we are going to talk about how you can continue to work on yourself to replace your self-limiting thought patterns and beliefs with new, self-supporting thoughts.

You are now ready to move on to Part 6!

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