Success Fundamentals – Part 3 – Making Action Automatic

Making Action Automatic

“It is the duty of men to judge
men only by their actions. Our
faculties furnish us with no means
of arriving at the motive, the
character, the secret self. We call
the tree good from its fruits, and
the man, from his works.”
–Ralph Waldo Emmerson

In the previous two parts I talked about examining your personal passions to find a DMP (Definite Major Purpose) in your life. I also talked about the importance of goal setting and using GOALS to direct your life.

While these lessons may have been a lot of fun and given you an opportunity to build a vision of your dream life, it is today’s lesson that becomes the key to making your dreams a reality.

All successful people are ACTION oriented people. This means that they are willing to go out and do the work required to turn thoughts and ideas into actual, physical results. Do they achieve phenomenal results the first time they attempt something? ABOSOLUTELY NOT!

These people understand that every so called ‘failure’ provides a perfect learning experience to help them move closer to a desired result in life. Being an ACTION TAKER is nothing more than becoming someone who is willing to get involved and experiment with new ideas. Some ideas work well, others do not. The world’s high achievers simply accept the fact that success is very much a numbers game… the more things they try, the more likely it becomes that they reach their goals.

The key is to make ACTION an automatic process in your life. By this I mean, when you find a goal or objective you would like to reach, you become the kind of person who begins immediately to move towards your desire. While many other people would hesitate to act and move into a state of procrastination, you would be well on your way to completing your set objective!

A word of caution. While I do believe that all successful people are extremely action oriented, this does not mean that they blindly act on the first zany idea that enters their mind. There is still an element of planning and calculated risk that must be considered in order to reach any major goal. The DIFFERENCE is that the high achievers gather the facts and make a quick DECISION.

They then use the power of FEEDBACK to examine the quality of their previous actions, and adjust their route accordingly. Once again, they
make another quick DECISION and fire away. They repeat this process until they reach their desired results.

Seems simple…so why do so many people struggle to produce the results they want in life?

I gave a clue to the answer in the previous 2 paragraphs.

The reason so many people struggle to achieve their goals is that they have never made a committed DECISION. A firm DECISION is a mental move that anyone can make that makes ACTION automatic. As the commitment level increases, so does the intensity of the actions being taken.

As an example, let’s say you want quit smoking. One option is to make a personal decision and tell yourself, ‘I am done with this habit.’ Another option is to create a legally binding contract stating:

“I will not smoke a cigarette for an entire year. There will be a medical team assigned to test whether I have any nicotine in my system. If I fail the test at any point, I will lose my entire life savings including my house.”

While an extreme and somewhat comical example, the truth is that it would likely work. If you were in this situation you would be forced to
take any and every action necessary to help you kick the habit!

Part 3 – Exercises

1. For your No Limit Goal from Lesson 2, create a list of at least 20 actions that you could take that would move you towards your goal.

2. For each of your short term goals, write down a committed decision that you could make TODAY,  that would act as a forcing function to help you achieve the goal.

3. Track your actions. Which actions produced results you would like to have again? Which ones did not work? Use this feedback to move forward.

You are now ready to move on to Part 4!

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