New Exposure = New Perspective

Last week I picked up a book called Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It is an incredibly inspiring autobiography about Ben Carson’s journey to become one of most successful neurosurgeons in the world with a celebrated career.

The majority of stuff I study and read deals with self improvement, psychology, and personal development so it was an easy choice to pick up a book about someone’s rise to success.

However, as I went through the book, in addition to being very inspired by his amazing story, my eyes were opened to the intricacies of what it takes to be a neurosurgeon and the incredible skill required to perform under ultimate pressure. When someone’s life lies in your hands, I can’t possibly fathom a more stressful situation.

Carson details some of his most trying and memorable surgeries and he talks about some specific procedures that he helped pioneer despite having many experts oppose his strategy. Other than dramatic TV shows or movies depicting an operating room, I literally had ZERO previous exposure to the life of a surgeon.

Reading this book gave me a much deeper appreciation for the amount of skill, patience, dedication and bravery that these people demonstrate on a daily basis.

Reading about some of the the incredible recoveries of his patients also gave me a greater appreciation for the resiliency of the human body. Again… something I rarely thought about before this book.

As I finish up the final chapter, reading this book has reminded me that expanding our knowledge and awareness into other aspects of life that we currently have no knowledge or insight can have a profound impact on our ability to see the world around us in a new, more grateful/appreciative light.

If you want to check out this book, here is a link to it on Amazon…

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