My Top 10 Insights From November

This post is actually day 60 of a 100 day challenge I created for myself. 100 motivational updates in 100 days. Its been a mix of written, audio and video updates.

The goal is to commit to developing my abilities as a leader of motivation and self improvement. Specifically to expand my skills as a speaker and writer.

Part of this challenge has involved an intensive reading/studying schedule. I’ve read over a dozen books this month alone in addition to working extreme hours in my business and dedicating a ton of time to my family and fitness.

I keep a notebook strictly to write down “aha’s” and new insights that I want to remember from all the great books I’ve read. Here are my top 10 from November…

“A warrior can be educated and made aware of how his mind (when facing fear) can affect his body, and trained how to counter it and minimize its negative impact on performance.” Navy SEAL Training Guide: Mental Toughness — Lars Draeger

“You must see whatever you produce as something that has a life of its own/presence of its own. This presence can be vibrant and visceral or it can be weak and lifeless.” Mastery — Robert Greene

“Your most important skill… Master your emotions. Emotions cloud reason and if you cannot see the situation clearly, you can’t respond with any degree of control.” 48 Laws Of Power — Robert Greene

“You are going to take a ton of beatings in your life both mental and physical. The only way to endure and push past the constraints of your comfort zones is to constantly test your physical, mental and spiritual strength.” Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence — David Rutherford

“What separates winners is how they think. Winners are convinced they will finish first. The others hope to finish first.” With Winning In Mind — Lanny Bassham

Discussing negative self talk… “Until your higher self is in charge of your thoughts, you will be like a ship adrift at sea”. The Intuitive Warrior — Mark Divine

“True motivation comes from being in control of your life. The more control you have over your own choices the greater sense of accomplishment you will feel.” Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence — David Rutherford

“Success depends on a mind that is conditioned to expect fear and knows how to neutralize its impact on human performance in the most stressful conditions.” Navy SEAL Training Guide: Mental Toughness — Lars Draeger

“It doesn’t matter what color you are – if you’re good you’ll be recognized. Because people, even if they are prejudiced, are going to want the best. You just have to make being the best your goal in life.” Gifted Hands — Ben Carson M.D.

“True masters have the intense connection/desire that allows them to withstand the pain of the process, self doubts, tedious hours of practice, setbacks, endless barbs from envious. They develop an envious resiliency/confidence.” Mastery — Robert Greene

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