Why Being Consistent Is An Absolute Must

Today’s video is something I’ve wanted to share for quite some time. There is incredible power in your ability to be consistent. In business, relationships, health/fitness and life in general. But there’s a problem…being consistent isn’t always fun and there are times when being “too consistent” and failing to see that you are off track […]

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Doing Your Best vs. Good Enough

With today’s post I had a lot of my entrepreneur friends in mind but the message applies to anyone really. Whatever projects we are working on right now, for anything that is truly important to us, we have this battle between making sure our work is as high quality as possible… while at the same […]

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Why You Need Predictable Goals

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The Turnaround Day

Today I’d like to introduce you to a little strategy that you can apply any time you have caught yourself slipping off track in terms of focus and commitment to your major goals and aspirations. Its called a “turnaround day“. The idea is quite simple and best explained with an example. Just over a year […]

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New Exposure = New Perspective

Last week I picked up a book called Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It is an incredibly inspiring autobiography about Ben Carson’s journey to become one of most successful neurosurgeons in the world with a celebrated career. The majority of stuff I study and read deals with self improvement, psychology, and personal development so it […]

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Personal Vision Road Map

Today was one of those days where I really had to force myself to stay motivated. Its funny how I can go days or weeks on end with a peak state of mind then suddenly lose that edge and feel more tired or just a general malaise. As I was thinking about what to post […]

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When Boredom Is A Good Thing

Reading Robert Greene has been like a breath of fresh air. If you are not familiar with his books yet, don’t wait any longer. He’s awesome and I think you’ll get a lot from his work. Today’s update was once again inspired by an insight I got from Robert Greene’s book The 50th Law. It’s […]

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Quick Inspiration From Mel Robbins

I’m always on the hunt for videos, speeches, presentations, training, etc… that can inspire me or give me some new insights to improve in *some* way. The other day I came across a great “Tedx” talk by a lady named Mel Robbins who has a very unique spin on self motivation. There was one particular […]

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The Excellence Effect

I’ve been talking a lot about the idea of “excellence” lately but I can’t get it off my mind. And the more I dwell on it, the more I want to build excellence into my life… at all levels. In fact, when you do this it has an “effect” on you I explain in this […]

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Punish Your Lower Self

We all have a higher self and a lower self. At any given time, we can feel usually one these two states: Higher self: Courageous, resourceful, confident, powerful, hi self-esteem. If you feel this way, you’re likely going to take better actions, and you’re more likely to execute it. Lower self: Fearful, discouraged, helpless, depressed, […]

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Speak Your Truth Regardless Of Opinion

Today’s video was a totally unscripted session where I just spoke my mind about whatever came up as I turned on the camera. What came up was a cool little chat about the power of just speaking your mind, without worrying about external opinion. When you come from a place of truth and share your […]

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Your Inner Voice – Are You Listening?

How many times in your life have you thought about pursuing something and then within seconds, you immediately discounted the idea? As example, I’ve heard this a number of times in various interactions with people. “It would have been so cool to be a (blank) but I chose this career path instead so its too […]

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Enlightenment On The Basketball Court

Last year my son started basketball on Saturday mornings. The program is run by a local group and I was asked to volunteer from time to time. This year I took on a bigger role volunteering to coaching/assistant coach every week during my son’s time slot (5-7 year olds) Up until today, I never really […]

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Excellence And Happiness – Part 2 Rant

Yesterday I posted an audio update about the tight correlation between how well we execute on a daily basis and the happiness we feel. The general message was… the more you commit to excellence in ALL areas of life, the happier you will generally feel. And conversely, when you let yourself slip, become lazy and […]

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The Correlation Between Excellence and Happiness

Today I have a very intriguing audio update for you. I do a lot of journaling and self assessment (pretty much daily) and recently I’ve been doing a bit of an audit on my levels of happiness over the course of the past 5-6 years. I noticed 2 very distinct periods of time where my […]

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Peak Mindset Doesn’t Happen By Chance

Last year I did a blog post about the power of repetition and I talked about how I used calendar alerts at 3 intervals per day for “mental conditioning”. Basically, my goal was to maintain a positive mindset and a high level of motivation and drive throughout my entire day. You can check out the […]

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The Good Thing About Critics

Don’t you just hate when you see those critics who are clearly just negative people and they put down even some of the best books, movies, albums? It used to drive me nuts… especially as a producer of content, I would always relate to the author being criticized and feel bad for them. At the […]

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Wasting Time On The Wrong Actions

In this video I talk about what to do when you are working on a big goal and you are at a crossroads. Which action do you take? Which plan to do you execute? You worry about doing the wrong things and wasting days or weeks of your time. If this is you, the message […]

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5 Quotes That Have Forever Changed Me

Most people love reading inspirational quotes. Most good books I read start each chapter or key point with a famous quote as an anchor for the lesson being taught. I have read, studied and used 1000s of famous quotes over the past 5 years (since becoming an entrepreneur who writes and produces a lot of […]

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No One Is Paying You Much Attention

Today’s message is a 2 part update… Part 1 – A truth that I want to remind you of Part 2 – How this truth can help you improve your life The result you will get… 10x increase in your output Listen for details…

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