Weeding Out The Weakness

As each day goes by and I spend more time examining my thought processes, habits and behaviors, I have given myself the opportunity to literally catalog a huge chunk of my mind.

I do this through a combination of reading thought provoking books, watching inspiring videos and self reflection journaling. I also use very aggressive (almost overly ambitious) goals to drive my actions each day.

A huge revelation as I have done this extensive self-study, is the discovery of hundreds of internal conversations that I would categorize as “weakness mentality”.

Here are a few examples that I’ve noticed recently:

1 — A feeling of overwhelm because the kids wouldn’t get to sleep and I still had a good 2 hours of work to do. And if I stayed up too late, I would get less than my 5 hours “ideal” night’s sleep (because I get up every morning at 3am to start my day).

2 — A feeling of anger caused by being out of control because I couldn’t seem keep up with the kids making a mess in the house. I felt like I was constantly cleaning and they would move on to make a new mess.

3 — I workout every day, and I recently noticed myself making a painful grimace while I completed a hard set. The painful look on my face accentuated the discomfort of the workout and made me want to quit.

Quite honestly I could give you a ton of examples that have all happened in the past few weeks alone.

And this is after 5+ years of working on myself and being what I consider a much better, more positive, strong willed person than any other time in my life.

This is proof to me that I have had this inner conversation that was constantly reinforcing “weakness” based thoughts and they were all occurring by default. I know it was by default because I certainly didn’t WANT to think like that.

I also know it was by default because as soon as I recognized them, I started making immediate changes to alter my thought patters to a position of strength.

Back to my examples…

1 — Instead of worrying about lack of sleep and feeling tired the next morning, I started remembering the countless times both as an entrepreneur and even in my earlier days as a university student where I could go days at a time with next to no sleep. I may have felt a bit tired but it never ended tragically. In fact, when I really thought about it, many of those times were when I was the most engaged and felt most alive. Weakness thought now transformed to strength.

2 — Instead of being angry about the house not being immaculate, I focused on what I could control. In this case my parenting strategies and my attitude. First, I made a very firm request to my kids to tidy up their mess and they could not do anything else until it was done. Second, I stopped focusing on the mess and refocused on the fact that they were having fun and how much I love to watch them play and work together. Weakness thought now transformed to strength.

3 — Instead of allowing my body to go into a state of near-shock from the incredible strain of my workout, I shifted my mind to an inner-calmness. I reminded myself that I was totally fine and that I actually enjoyed the pain of muscle growth… and that the better I work my body physically, the more success I will find in all other areas of life.

See my post-workout video about inner calmness here http://www.igniteyouressence.com/mental-conditioning/finding-inner-calm-under-stress/

Weakness thought now transformed to strength.

The main message is that we are in total control of those weak thoughts that are causing us so much pain and frustration. We may not be aware of them but we can make an effort to find out what they are. And with a shift in focus, we can move from thoughts of weakness… to thoughts of power.

And from there, everything changes for the better

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2 Responses to Weeding Out The Weakness

  1. Dave November 22, 2013 at 4:24 am #

    Was allowing myself become prey to some rather negative feelings this morning (it’s morning here) which became somewhat alleviated when I read this and did an inner check in with how I really am rather than how I have been choosing to react to the circumstances that began the chain of negative thoughts. Very timely post and inspirational as always!
    Dave recently posted..Time Management for Entrepreneurs

    • Justin Popovic November 22, 2013 at 8:55 am #

      Hey Dave

      So glad to hear the post helped you get back on track. I know that feeling all too well after practicing that type of mindset for years. It is very empowering to realize you have full control to move from weakness to power thinking!

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