What Does Your Presence Mean To Others?

What if you were to start living your life, making your decisions and forging your attitude completely based on how you would impact those around you?

How would you want people to describe you and your life if you were no longer around?

Would you want to be remembered as strong and confident?
Passionate and motivating?
Happy and inspiring?
As someone who helped others and left a positive mark on the world?
As someone who left the world a better place than it was before?
As someone who held themselves to high standards and demonstrated excellence?

Or would you rather been remembered as a negative, pessimistic person. Someone who always complained and brought everyone down… focusing on the hardships and injustices of life?

Let’s face it… We ALL want to be that first person.

Someone who leaves a legacy of:
power and possibility.

As someone who lived life to the fullest and inspired others to do the same.

Remember that your life story doesn’t magically unfold sometime in the future. Your story is being written every day.
In the decisions you make.
In the interactions you have with others.
In the work you display to the world.
In the standards you hold yourself to.

Remember today… and every day —  that how you live each day becomes the story of your life.

How do you want your story to read?

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