Using Hindsight Thinking To Have Foresight

Think back to a time where you were going through something pretty rough. You were taking a big emotional hit and your stress levels were through the roof. Maybe someone was upset with you, you made a BIG mistake or you did something that caused you to feel complete embarrassment. You didn’t know how you would get through this thing.

The further back in time this event occurred, the less significance it likely has on your life anymore.

In fact, many of the dramas of our past are soon overcome and forgotten once we move on to something new.

The problem is, we forget about this FACT when the next drama or stressful event occurs.

Using “hindsight thinking” to have foresight…

This is a powerful technique. Next time you are going through a scary, stressful or challenging event, and the intensity of the situation has you reeling… quickly recall some of your previous hardships that now seem like distant memories.

This will immediately reduce the negative charge of your new predicament.

In fact… make a list of previous dramas that seemed horrible at the time but no longer have any impact on you. You can pull out this list each time you face a new stress situation and remind yourself that this too will soon be a nothing but an insignificant memory.

This is a very empowering exercise because it allows you to get your mind focused and back on track very quickly. Without a technique like this, you can spend days or weeks reeling from something that ultimately controls you.

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