The “Next” Method For Strategic Thinking

Today’s message is actually a recommended exercise that I learned a number of years ago. I first heard it from Bob Proctor and I’ve heard a similar idea in the book “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz.

The “next” method for strategic thinking is a little exercise you can perform alone or, ideally, with a group of people to solve a problem or generate ideas to achieve a huge objective.

The method words like this:

  1. State a very clear objective that you would like to achieve with a measurable deadline. The bigger, bolder, more “unrealistic” the goal the better. This exercise is designed to get you to think big and challenge your perceived limitations.
  2. Begin to brainstorm ANY and ALL reasons WHY and HOW you could achieve this. Think small. Think big. Think creatively. Think outside the box. Have discussions with people. Read books or watch movies for inspiration. Do some google or Twitter searches to see if anyone has input on your objective.
  3. ANY time a negative thought comes up about why you can’t achieve this thing or why it is a bad idea, yell out NEXT… and get back to focusing on step 2.

As you can see. The idea here is to harness all of your thought energy into bringing this big, exciting goal into reality. Do this as a team building exercise to strengthen communication and push your limits.

I’ve done this in live workshops and the focus on POSSIBILITY versus negativity is truly amazing.

Here’s a template to help you out:
The Next Exercise


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  1. Carl November 9, 2013 at 11:57 pm #

    I can think of so many times this would have come in handy for some of my friends. In my past life this would have come in very handy. I am finding things are going well for me now but I still plan to use this as a strategy…I can always use a great strategy!

    Thanks for sharing.
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