The 10X Rule And How I’ve Used It

Today I wanted to share a little insight from a Kindle book I’m currently reading called “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone.

As you may know, I’m an avid reader of personal development books and I always seem to gain a new insight and get a dose of inspiration from each new book I go through.
It happened again with the 10X rule and I’m only about half way through.

There was also a “hidden” lesson that I noticed on my own (see below)

In essence, The 10X Rule states that true success in life comes from setting your goals 10 times bigger than what you think you want, and then do 10 times what you think it will take to achieve it.

It is about thinking BIG,
which in turn creates excitement,
and that excitement can be channeled into action.

BUT… the action part is where many people fall off. Most people UNDERESTIMATE the amount of work it takes to achieve major goals and objectives, in life or business.

When it becomes evident JUST how much work is TRULY required to create success, most people give up or change goals.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this email, tomorrow we are launching our latest PLR bundle. The amount of work that goes into a successful launch STILL kind of boggles my mind!

For this particular launch, here are just same of the actions that our team has executed:

  • Created slides for 30 minute intro video lesson
  • Recorded, edited, exported final video into MP4
  • Had the video transcribed, formatted and edited into a document
  • Had a full “Member Sites” guide and intro report researched and written by 1 resource
  • 10 membership based articles researched and written by another resource
  • Editing of the written content handled by yet another team member
  • Infographic content researched, designed, formatted into PSD, PNG, JPG
  • Quote posters designed, custom made cartoons, 30 in total by a graphics expert
  • Had all PLR tools like slide decks, autoresponders, sales pages created
  • REPEATED all of the above AGAIN for a second product about WordPress
  • Created training to tie all of the pieces together
  • Custom built a unique WordPress website as an upgrade
  • Negotiated a deal to offer resell rights on a bonus upgrade product
  • Created an affiliate page, invite video, swipe copy to help promote
  • Built order buttons and sales pages, edited them and tested them
  • Create backups of all downloadables in case of customer tech issues
  •  the list goes on…

I always like to show my wife a final look at our launch offer before we go live and every time, she is kind of shocked at the amount of work. There are as many as 12 people involved in the creation of our launch products

So… why am I telling you all of this?

Well, in the past I USED to view this as a TON of work and looking at my to do list would almost make me want to quit.

I didn’t believe it was possible to do that many “things”.

But over time, we developed systems, hired staff, improve processes and worked on getting better. Now we are at the point where we can look at a massive to do list and get EXCITED that we are not only capable of pulling it off, but we can do so in a relatively short period of time.

We can also create an excellent experience for our customers and use each new launch (or project or training or WHATEVER we happen to be working on) as a stepping stone to get better each time.

The amount of work may seem huge, but it just proves that the 10X rule is VERY true. The sooner you can embrace it and get GOOD at handling the 10X actions, things begin to flow and life (and business) becomes fun!

The “Hidden Lesson”…

This one may seem obvious but I see a lot of people violating the essence of this message to their own detriment.

When you look at the true amount of work required to well at any endeavor in life, it becomes VERY evident that focus is paramount.

Pick ONE thing and master it. It is going to require a ton of time and energy to do it well. The last thing you need is having to divide your time between 3 different business models never giving enough attention to make any one of them truly successful.

This can be especially tough in the online business world with all of the opportunities and the distractions. But the sooner you pick ONE thing to dedicate all of your energy to, you will be able to apply the 10X philosophy and that’s when the real success starts to unfold.

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