Take A Chance On YOU

One of the hardest things for me to watch is when I see someone who is trapped in a prison of their own making, unwilling to take control of a situation or make a change.

The most common and obvious example of this is someone who continues to work in a job or a particular career path that they hate. They don’t want to be there. Even worse, they are aware of a calling to move in a new direction, towards a new passion… but all of the rational, reasonable, logical reasons for them to stay put keep them stuck.

This is just one example though and I’m sure you have seen many other examples as well. Perhaps you are going through (or have gone through) similar experiences yourself.

I get especially emotional about this topic because I was once stuck in the exact position myself and I vividly remember the overwhelming feeling of conformity holding me in place along with the feeling of total helplessness to do anything about it.

I lacked 2 things in those days;

1. The awareness that I could change my entire situation any time I wanted
2. The self image to believe that I could pull it off

When I was doing a 9-5 type corporate gig I literally believed it was too late for me to take a new career path. I knew that some people changed careers mid-stream and intellectually I understood it was possible.

But there was a stronger sort of “conformity mentality” or mental programming that I bought into that made me think that it really wasn’t something any reasonable person would do once they had a good job.

So instead of exploring what other options were available, I spent a number of years plowing ahead with my existing career, thinking this was the path I had chosen and it was too late to change my mind.

It wasn’t until years later when I started to take a serious interest in the lives of entrepreneurs and take coaching and courses about personal growth that I began to believe in myself and realize that I could indeed do anything I wanted.

And I did.

Within a year of having a sort of “awakening” that I was not only in control of my career, but that I was going to do something about it, I walked away from that same job I had felt trapped in for so many years and ventured into the world of the unknown.

In doing so, I conquered one of my major fears of not having a steady income and learned to live a life of my own making. I literally had no clue how or IF I would be able to pull of life as an entrepreneur (especially with zero training, experience or even a business plan for that matter), but I knew I would be taking a chance on ME and that was more important than anything.

Five years later, I’m happier than ever that I made that bold decision. I have learned more about my own potential and discovered more talents and abilities than I ever thought possible. And the exciting part is, I feel like I’m just getting started.

If you are stuck like I was stuck… whether it is a job, a relationship, a bad habit or any other prison of your own making, isn’t it time you took a chance on YOU?

Decide what you really want to do. Decide what its costing you NOT to go for it. Then… make the leap! It doesn’t get any more exciting or rewarding.

What are you waiting for?

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4 Responses to Take A Chance On YOU

  1. Dee December 9, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

    Couldn’t agree more Justin, but even so, I still occasionally need the odd reminder. Thank you.

  2. Carl December 10, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Excellent point Justin….I am stuck and have been stuck in the past…the fear of failure….the fear of the unknown has held me back so many times. In the past few months I have been faced with a decision as to what niche to follow…unfortunately I have created blogs for 3 different niches all of which seem great but now I am faced with which one to focus on until it becomes successful and if I make the wrong decision and waste more time, it is time gone forever.

    I find it difficult to make a decision and take a chance on myself as fear is definitely holding me back…any thoughts on this one?
    Carl recently posted..Mark Romero Music For Better Health!

    • Justin Popovic December 11, 2013 at 4:59 am #

      Hey Carl

      Thanks for your comment. You are not alone.. in fact you are in VERY good company. I think most of us experience various degrees of what you describe here. Without knowing the details of your business, my first impression is that you are not personally charged about about any 1 of the 3 blogs you are working on.

      I think the bigger question is… what business are you in? How do you generate revenue? Are you selling a product or service? Are you trying to build an affiliate based business and generate revenue entirely by recommending other products? A combination?

      Some of this discussion goes beyond a blog comment but I’d be interested to hear your replies to this basic questions 🙂

      • Carl December 12, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

        Hey Justin:

        Thanks for your reply…your comment on not being personally charged about either one of these blogs is a very good point…you made me think deep on this one and I believe you are right…I want to be charged and may have lost my way by confusing the issue with over thinking things.

        The business I am in is the healing music niche, the self help niche and the personal finance niche. I was trying to find a way to marry the healing music niche with the personal finance niche….basically using healing music as a way to heal the mind and reduce stress prior to preparing to learn how to manage finances.

        I don’t generate any revenue from any of these online blogs…the only blog which made some revenue was the healing music niche through affiliate products….I have been working on some ideas to build a product prior to the end of 2013 so I can go into 2014 with an offer.

        I am embarrassed to say I have been inconsistent and have allowed things to get in my way many times since these blogs were created in 2009 BUT now I want to change things once and for all.

        I actually have created products with PLR products but have never taken them to the public. I know that sounds bad.

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