Survived a Plane Crash – Became Fearless


In this article, I would like to introduce you to a new online friend of mine. His name is Emanuel Kingson and he has a very interesting story to tell. I came across his story earlier this week and I could not get it out of my mind. He talks about an incident he experienced where he could have died in a plane crash. More importantly he talks about what he experienced after and how his fear seemed to disappear in the moment. An eye-opening testimony about the power of our minds and our ability to perceive life.

Here is his article from his blogsite: A Changing Man Blog

Survived a Plane Crash – Became Fearless

Fear is usually one of the most incapacitating and limiting things in a persons life. It can be anything like fear of spiders, fear of crowds or fear of relationships and it seems the list is just endless.

I, like most people, have a variety of fears in my life but fear of flying was never one of them.

A few years back I was going on a business trip with my business associates and we got on a plane  that was taking us from Zurich to Berlin.

It was a small aircraft with one or two seats on both sides of the isle and it was raining quite heavily.

Once in the air and the complimentary tea had been served and indulged the plane suddenly started bumping and jumping a bit. Since I’d been spending a lot of time in air crafts I wasn’t concerned at all and carried on with my reading or whatever it was I was doing at the time.

Suddenly the plane was struck by lightning.

Now that woke me up in a big way and I glanced over at the flight attendant and saw her looking deeply troubled and scared and I was equally scared and shocked.

At least for a fraction of a second.

Then everything became completely quiet and calm and from a state of chock and frantic fear a smile suddenly emerged on my face and I felt a profound sense of being in the moment. Completely accepting my fate and I was a hundred percent convinced this was it.

My life was about to end.

I remember seeing most people on the plane being in a state of emotional chaos and fear  but I also remember looking into the eyes of one of my friends on the plane and he was in the same state as me. Smiling and completely calm and accepting that death was imminent.

I also recall thinking:

“Aha, so this is it. Well I’ve had an amazing life and I’m totally ready to leave planet earth behind.”

And this was quite some time before my conscious spiritual journey ever started.

After a few more moments of mid air chaos the craft stabilized and I understood my time had not come yet and I was actually going to survive this.

There is probably a highly scientific explanation for the way I reacted having to do with endorphins and/or adrenaline being released in the bloodstream when this kind of chocking occurrence is experienced but I still think there’s an extremely important lesson to be learnt form this to reduce the crippling fear in our lives:

Completely accept whatever may happen.

In 1993 I saw a movie called Fearless that I really liked and it was actually about a similar thing where the main actor survives a plane crash and becomes completely fearless. For me it only lasted a little while and then the old fears came back but for the movie character it lasted for a prolonged time.

Many of us have a desire to control everything in our lives and then when we experience situations where we seem to lose that control anxiety often arises.

The amount of control we actually have can be discussed from a variety of standpoints such as psychological, scientific and spiritual(Law of attraction) but for instance it seems evident that even the strongest proponents of The Law Of Attraction don’t always experience only what they “want” and you probably won’t either.

James Arthur Ray’s tragic “Sweatbox” accident and Joe Vitale’s trip to Russia quickly comes to mind.

There are several different techniques to deal with feelings of fear, stress and worry and one method where I use acceptance is what I call “The Kingson Acceptance Method” and it has actually been more effective than anything else I’ve tried including Reiki Healing, Chinese Energetic Medicine, EFT and Theta Healing.

Emanuel Kingson

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2 Responses to Survived a Plane Crash – Became Fearless

  1. Jan October 22, 2009 at 12:19 pm #

    thats a great story! I actually wrote an essay on the move Fearless when I was at uni, it was on the transformative effects of traumatic experience. The things we worry about are not so important in the big scheme of things.

  2. sanjay sharma November 2, 2009 at 5:42 am #

    great post ! i really like it. it is not a fearless life but also a effortless life. i am doing some experiment with it and find that when i allow the situation and people as they are than i have more energy to deal with them than to resiste the things as they are.

    thanks you remind me that i am not wrong.

    sanjay sharma, india

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