Stop Hating If You Want More Success

Today’s message is a short, but important.

You’ve probably noticed the overwhelmingly high amount of negativity that floats around the internet. Find a talented actor, musician, speaker or writer and the comments about their work is often riddled with “haters”.

It is one thing to offer constructive feedback to help someone. But if you are participating in the outright bashing or criticizing of other people who are actually living and working on their dream, then you are literally repelling success in your own life.

When you hold feelings or resentment or jealousy towards a successful person, you are subconsciously setting yourself up for failure.

Think about it. If you see their success as a “bad thing” then you will probably also view your own success in the same way. And with this mindset, you will subconsciously sabotage your own efforts.

Instead of looking at successful people and finding all of the aspects of their lives that annoy you or put you off, why not focus on what they do well and what you can learn from them?

Try this instead…

When you see a talented musician, actor, writer, speaker, teacher, athlete or any kind of professional, make a point of appreciating their success. Take time to acknowledge the incredible talent and skill they have developed and the accomplishments they have been able to achieve.

Even if you don’t personally like the person or if you find them annoying, they MUST be doing something right. Focus on what it is they are doing well and learn from it.

Unless your goal is to be a high paid critic, take the path of appreciation and respect instead of being a hater. Your mindset and outlook will produce an aura of success in your life that will last a long time.

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  1. Carl December 29, 2013 at 1:08 am #

    This is an excellent message and makes a good point. Focusing on what people are doing right instead of bashing people sets you up with a better mind set and will have you looking for good in the world instead of negative events.

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