Reconnecting To Your Wants In Life

Since this post is going live during the 2013 Christmas Holiday season, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the idea of personal “wants”. This is kind of like revisiting your youth and making a list for Santa Clause of all the things you wanted as gifts.

Except instead of making a list of presents, you actually take the time to think about the most important aspects of your life and what you’d like to be, do and have, in all areas.

The problem for a lot of people is they actually forget what they WANT. They have been focusing so long on what they HAVE to do (many times, these obligations are not what we really WANT to be doing), that it can be easy to lose touch with your true desires and passions.

Today, I talk about reconnecting to your wants and remind you of the power you have right now to start getting more of what you want in your life:

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