Recognition Goes A Long Way

Today’s post is day 74 of a 100 day motivational content challenge I’ve been working on. And I find it quite fascinating that as each day goes by, something interesting or important happens in my life to give me the exact inspiration I need for a new motivational post.

Over the past day or so, the topic of recognition seems to keep popping up and I thought it would be perfect. Let me share what I mean…

Yesterday I was at a get together with a bunch of old friends and I was speaking with a friend who admitted that he needs recognition in order to feel good when he does a good job. And I can’t imagine anyone is any different. We all love when people take notice of us when we have accomplished something whether its something really significant like getting a new job or even something small like cleaning the car.

I was impressed that he openly admitted that he wants and needs recognition and he is willing to let the people in his life know that it is important to him. It also made me more aware of it and I naturally feel more compelled to look for things he is doing well so I can give him a few nice (and genuine) compliments in the future.

Later in the evening I was speaking with another friend who I hadn’t seen in over a decade. I was bringing him up to speed on some of the big goals I have been working towards in my life and my business. He was really interested and impressed with the accomplishments I have made to date and I could tell he was genuinely happy for me.

This small sign of recognition and acknowledgement was in itself very motivating for me.

Later in the evening as I was getting ready to leave, the same friend came over to shake my hand and he took the time to tell me that he really admires what I’m working on and he has no doubt I will achieve all of the goals I set out to achieve (even though some are going to take YEARS). Coming from someone I hadn’t seen in years, this was a very powerful piece of feedback. I left the party feeling uplifted and motivated.

All it took was just a moment of his time and the willingness to share a few kind words and my entire night had been made better.

On my drive home I started thinking about many other times in my life where I received recognition and how much of a positive impact it had on me at the time.

At the same time, I realized the incredible power I have in my own hands to uplift and inspire other people in much the same way. There are no shortage of people in our lives who are doing amazing things day in and day out and no one ever says a word to them. With just a few minutes of time and a genuine interest to appreciate their accomplishments, we can recognize someone who truly deserves it and remind them that not only are they doing a good job, but other people are taking note and its making a difference to more people than they may even realize.

Who can you thank, appreciate or recognize in your world today?

Start small… just a few simple words like “you’re doing a great job, I’m impressed” can mean the world to someone else!

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One Response to Recognition Goes A Long Way

  1. Carl December 15, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Hey Justin;

    I read this post a few days back and wanted to take some time to think about it. Yesterday whenever I went to a store I actually asked the people waiting on me how many times they get recognition in their jobs…I asked five store clerks and only one said she was given recognition by the odd customer…she then went on to say 95% of the time people give her a hard time and the other people I asked said basically the same.

    The interesting part was the girl who got recognition has stayed at her job because of the nice things people have said to her….she had planned on quitting several times because of the abuse given by other customers but then someone would come in and be nice to her and tell her she is doing a great job and that one act of kindness made her look at people in a more positive light.

    Very interesting how one positive message can change a person’s world….there is a lesson to be learned from this.

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