Keeping An Idea Journal

ideajournalIn the past I have discussed the idea of keeping a success log and a journal of your activities. Right now, I actually keep a total of 3 separate booklets/journals on the go.

The first one is a daily journal where I write down my biggest insights, lessons learned, reflections on things that inspired me OR held me back from taking action, as well as a daily high level to do list.

The second booklet is strictly for studying and note taking. I read 3-4 books per month on average (all non fiction mostly personal development, business, leadership, etc…) and as I read each book I make detailed notes about all of the major lessons learned and takeaways.

The third booklet is the one I’m talking about today. I call it an idea journal or an idea “archive”.

Basically, I use this book strictly to keep track of all new, exciting, inspiring and creative ideas that I come up with. The ideas range across a variety of categories like:

  • New sales strategies
  • Product ideas for my business
  • A new self motivation tactic
  • A topic for a blog post or video
  • An exercise routine I want to try
  • A healthy meal I want to prepare
  • A material possession I would like to own
  • A conference I want to attend

There is no real form or structure. The main point is to always be thinking of new ideas and to capture all of those ideas in the same place.

I often revisit this journal and look at old ideas that are over a month old and I will realized that I COMPLETELY forgot about some of my best ideas. If you are anything like me, you probably come up with more ideas than you have time to implement.

When you have an idea journal, you get to revisit ideas that would otherwise disappear (sometimes forever).

This journal was inspired by an exercise I was given by my first personal growth coach. She gave me an assignment to come up with 5 new ideas every day for a week to practice my creative thinking skills. At the end of 1 week I had 21 new ideas for my life and business that I had never entertained before. Some of those ideas became big projects for me.

Give this process a try in your life and see what happens.

  1. Pick up a cheap notebook that you can use exclusively as your idea journal
  2. Set aside 15-20 minutes a day to actively think about and record new ideas for your life

Try it for a week and see what happens.

If you’re anything like me, you will get a lot of value from this and your idea journal will become a regular part of your life!

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