How To Handle A Barrage Of Social Jabs

If you strive for any kind of achievement in your life, doesn’t matter what kind, you will come in contact with more and more people and eventually someone is going to publicly try to have a little fun at your expense.

When someone attempts to attack your character, especially in social situations, your best defense is to actually agree with them and even join in on the fun

This actually demonstrates impeccable self esteem AND it acts as an instant antidote for self consciousness.

When this happens… here’s the thing… chances are nobody is paying too much attention and if they are, its for a very limited amount of time.

And even if people are “laughing” at a character flaw or a failure behind your back, you’re better off to know about… let them KNOW YOU KNOW…  show that it doesn’t bother you and in fact, it seems to have zero impact as you keep doing what you did before.

Listen to this little audio segment I recorded where I give some specific tips and examples that work EVERY TIME I get caught in one of these funky scenarios…

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