Have Something To Look Forward To

This past weekend we took a fun family trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagra Falls, Ontario. It was a weekend full of waterslides, games, eating out and staying up late (for both my wife and myself AND the kids). It was a blast.

The trip had been in the works for quite some time after my wife came up with the idea a few months ago.

The anticipation of the trip was almost the best part. It reminded me of the importance of always having something interesting and unique planned in your future so you that you always have something to look forward to. Check out my audio commentary about this here:

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  1. Carl December 16, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

    Hey Justin:

    There is a huge amount of motivation in looking forward to something outside of the norm – in my previous corporate life I use to find myself working 12-18 hour days every quarter as we had shareholders who were looking for financial reporting and it would take alot of work to put these reports together so every quarter I knew I was going to be taken away from my family more so than the norm. To help us get through this I would plan a long weekend trip after each quarterly project was completed. We would go to a place where there was no possibility of being interrupted by phone or computers and have a blast.

    This helped to do two things…one was it gave my family something to look forward to therefore they were supportive in my long hours of working and two it made me focus on my project and meet the deadlines and do a professional job because if I didn’t I would have to work extra time after the meeting to clean things up and improve on the completed project.

    If I missed our weekend trip we couldn’t reschedule as easily as we had other commitments on other weekends therefore the family would not be very happy with me….this only happened once in the four years of doing this and guaranteed it was such a bad experience it never happened again.

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