Every Great Achiever Creates A Sense Of Certainty

Today I had an interesting call with some long time clients of mine and one guy in particular was talking about some upcoming plans to possibly build and launch an educational product about a topic he was very well versed in (something he had never done before).

As the conversation went along, I quickly realized that he had a lot of concerns and reservations about actually going through with the idea. He made a number of comments about not wanting to make any major errors, waiting until his product was “perfect” before releasing it, and not overstepping his bounds by going into some of his online communities to ask for advice/input.

While it was clear that he has a lot to learn about the process of creating and then selling a product, what was more evident was his lack certainty that he could pull the whole thing together successfully.

To me, he has 2 main hurdles to overcome.

1. Learning the specialized knowledge and experience to complete the task at hand.
2. Creating the unwavering belief in his mind that its possible and he can in fact accomplish this goal.

As I thought about this guy’s situation, I was reminded of a great quote from Tony Robbins in the book “Awaken The Giant Within” when he says:

“Every great achiever has the ability to get themselves to feel certain they could succeed even though no one before them had accomplished it.”

My friend could spend a ton of time learning all of the ins and outs of product creation and how to bring that product to market. But if he spends all of his time just learning the step-by-step technical aspects and spends no time actually developing this “sense of certainty” that Tony Robbns refers to, chances are he will never follow through on the project.


Because all of those doubts and the inner conversation that is being dominated by worry and unsureness, will persist unless directly addressed.

How do you develop a sense of certainty when none existed before?

In this example, I can think of 3 main areas of focus:
1. Give every ounce of energy possible to learn the process of creating and launching a product and give 100% effort to doing these tasks to the best of his ability

2. Journal/brainstorm areas of his life where he already has a great deal of certainty. It could be anything from having a safe place to live and food to eat, to something more involved like his ability to solve ALL problems for his clients, every time they arise.

3. As Tony Robbins would recommend, practice physiology rituals like sitting taller, clapping your hands together, verbally repeating self affirming statements, listening to high energy music and so on. Anything that helps to literally “manufacture” a sense of confidence, self belief and certainty. Often, it is literally as simple as the examples I just laid out.

When you combine BOTH the technical learning AND the mindset, you are setting yourself up for great success. In this example of my friend, he has a lot moving parts but by focusing on his technical skill while increasing his overall sense of certainty, he will be well on his way to a successful product launch.

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