Addicted To Productivity?

Today’s audio blog post covers an interesting aspect of human psychology. We are constantly changing as people and things we do and perceptions we have now can be very different than they may have been in the past. In fact, when we change a negative habit and start behaving in more positive, healthy, productive ways, we are effectively a new person in that aspect of our lives.

For me, in the past I used to be ok with being unproductive and taking lots of time to relax and be lazy. Today, the thought almost horrifies me and I’m quite literally addicted to being productive. If I’m not productive, it is painful. Here’s a new way to look at your mindset and motivation…

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  1. Howard November 10, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    Looks like you don’t allow downloading of your audio files. That’s too bad, since about the only time I have time to listen to podcasts is when I’m driving.

    Now, to be realistic, I *am* able to download just about anything that can be played on my computer. Problems with that are it’s a lot of effort, and takes just as long as listening. So, if I can’t download, I won’t bother to listen.

    Shame, really. I enjoyed the first audio in this series (was recommended by Kelly McCausey, the lady who runs about how productive == happy.
    Howard recently posted..Google Voice Malfunctions. Again.

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