100 Life Goals

I am currently involved as a coach for a private Internet Marketing members forum. The purpose of the forum is to help online entrepreneurs build their businesses and achieve their goals.

There are a number of personal development challenges that everyone is going to be taking part in. One of them is to define a list of 100 Life Goals.

The point of the exercise is to assume you have access to all the money/resources you need to do anything. If you had this, what would you do with your life?

Here are my answers in no particular order:

1 – Grow my personal development company to be internationally recognized.

2 – Own a 10,000 sq ft home on a 3 acre property with a built in recreation facility

3 – Own a house in the Rockies in British Columbia

4 – Own a house in PEI

5 – Take care of the financial needs of everyone in my family

6 – Get 100,000 followers on Twitter

7 – Attend the TED conference

8 – Create a largely publicized fundraising event for Sick Kids Hospital starting with my personal donation of $400,000

9 – Create a largely publicized fundraising event for the NICU at William Osler Health Centre

10 – Have dinner with Bob Proctor and receive personal mentoring/guidance from him.

11 – Meet Jack Canfield and be personally mentored by him

12 – Spend an entire summer touring Northern Ontario

13 – Teach financial and business education to kids in schools

14 – Help my wife open her own  school

15 – Attend a professional level basketball coaching program

16 – Hire a professional personal basketball trainer

17 – Compete in an eco-challenge or a similar self challenging physical expedition

18 – Own front row season tickets for the Toronto Raptors

19 – Own season tickets for the Jacksonville Jaguars

20 – Write a self help book based on the principles that applied to my successful life

21 – Learn to play the guitar

22 – Become a unique comedian

23 – Walk around downtown Toronto handing out $1000 to homeless people

24 – Start a non profit organization

25 – Drive across Canada

26 – Take all of my closest friends on an all expense paid trip to Vegas

27 – Record an inspirational music album

28 – Invest money into the “dream businesses” for all my close friends to live their dream

29 – Own my own private jet and hire personal friend as full time pilot

30 – Take my family all over the world as children to learn about the world from a young age

31 – Have 3 personal assistant(s) for my business

32 – Have my own personal gourmet chef

33 – To teach my son the life principles I have learned through studying self help industry

34 – Visit a new world destination every year

35 – Become an expert skier and ski at the best destinations in the world

36 – Obtain professional sports training for any sport my son is interested in

37 – Buy my wife a baby grand piano

38 – Participate in a meditation retreat

39 – Get personal mentoring from Tony Robbins

40 – Adopt a child from a developing country

41 – Go on fly in fishing trips all over northern Canada

42 – Perform all major upgrades on current home

43 – Get 2 dogs, a weineramer and a black lab

44 – Own a BMW M5

45 – Have dinner with Dave Chappelle

46 – Create my own unique youth basketball league.

47 – Fund a world tour for my sisters to travel the globe

48 – Dunk a basketball

49 – Be a world class public speaker

50 – Take golf lessons from a professional golfer

51 – Build a young achievers organization

52 – Build a millionaires club for people who want to become millionaires

53 – Create a 90 day habit creation program

54 – Direct an inspirational movie

55 – Become a Millionaire Mind Instructor

56 – Have lunch with Tim Ferriss

57 – Host a radio program about personal success principles

58 – Climb a mountain

59 – Travel Europe for a year

60 – Cycle across Canada

61 – Participate in a Rick Hansen motivational event

62 – Spend a day interviewing Wayne dyer

63 – Create a unique summer camp for kids

64 – Bench Press 250lbs

65  – Get my black belt in kung fu

66 – Tour all of Alaska

67 – Sponsor the re-implementation of the football program at my old high school

68 – Learn how to scuba dive

69 – Design my own cottage on a lake in Northern Ontario

70 – Go on a fly-in fishing trip in northern Labrador

71 – Get a golf coach and learn to play at PAR level

72 –  Buy my own sporting franchise

73 – Sponsor an organic vegetable farm and make organic food more readily available

74 – Meet 5 new people per day

75 – Broadcast a Toronto Raptors basketball game

76 – Attend the summer Olympics

77 – Attend the winter Olympics

78 – Attend the Masters

79 – Attend Wibledon

80 – Attend a Superbowl

81 – Sit front row for an NBA finals game

82 – Learn how to surf

83 – Spend an entire winter learning to ski at Whistler

84 – Open a facility to provide free training to new business owners who need help starting

85 – Rent out an entire theme park for a day for children with illness

86 – Attend a live Chris Angel performance

87 – Take an outdoors survival course

88 – Attend a world cup soccer game

89 – Experiment with the latest computer AI robots/programs

90 – Take my wife to New York City to see all of the attractions for a week

91 – Fund the development of a recreation facility in an under developed area

92 – Learn how to play the drums

93 – Learn to drive a race car

94 – Travel to India

95 – Take a snowmobile trip across Ontario

96 – Camp at Yellowstone

97 – Learn to white water raft

98 – Learn how to memorize a book (I hear its possible)

99 – Create an organization to help teens start their own businesses

100 – Go parasailing

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5 Responses to 100 Life Goals

  1. Christian October 6, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    Justing I enjoyed reading your goals, I hope to find you at the NBA finals

  2. sanjay sharma October 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm #

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great list justin. i am really enjoying it. i am also going now to make my own list. thanks for motivate me and encourage me.

    sanjay sharma, india

  3. Vivienne Suen October 28, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    Ha ha… do I get to come on the Vegas trip?

    Seriously… this is a great exercise. I’m going to do this for sure once I get over the killer jet-lag. I guess I can cross “Visit China” off my list!

  4. Alexander Umanets October 29, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    Not to bad Justin. Just how to find the time to do all that?
    May be 100 goals are too many for one person to achieve, what about 10 or maybe 25 maximum?


  5. Harris Mathew December 13, 2010 at 2:27 am #

    i really enjoyed, great. welcome to India

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