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Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

I have been wanting to blog about this topic for some time now. For the past 6 or 7 weeks, I have spent all of my “study time” immersed in the work of Tony Schwartz from The Energy Project. I am almost done his book called The Power of Full Engagement (not an affiliate link, […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 7 – Perseverance

As with any personal development discussion, we have discussed many concepts and ideas that will change your habits and ultimately your behavior. None of these changes will be long last without persistence and perseverance. From Day 7 of our 7 Day Brainwash program, Brad and I share some of our thoughts on how to build […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 6 – Earning Money

The money discussion can always get a little iffy. Some people have very strong opinions about money, how it is earned and so on. In this video, Brad and I attack some of our underlying beliefs about money and the whole concept of the true nature of money. From Day 6 of our 7 Day […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 5 – Develop Confidence

Confidence is one of those human traits that can come and go like the weather. I know in my life I see this happen a lot with sports. One day, I will play an amazing game in basketball and feel like I’m the best player on the court. The next game, I make a few […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 4 – Dealing with Fear

Facing fear is certainly a topic I have discussed on more than one occasion and I am sure it will come up again. It is for a good reason though. We all need to analyze our fears and evaluate how they may be preventing us from doing things in our life. From Day 4 of […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 3 – Productivity Tips

Being productive is something that can be defined differently by different people. What I consider to be productive today would not have been even remotely fathomable 2 or 3 years ago. My productivity levels have never been higher but it was not always that way. Being productive requires practice and planning. From Day 3 of […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 2 – Committed Action

Moving on to Day 2 of our 2011 kick off, we talk about a huge topic in everyone’s life. Taking action. Many people “know” what they should be doing but they don’t always “do” what they know. Action is the key to achieving anything and we wanted to shed some light on the topic. From […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 1 – Your Personal Vision

My good friend Brad and I wanted to kick off 2011 with a serious discussion about 7 of the most important ideas in our lives. Over the next 7 days, we are going to share these topics and give you our perspective. Each discussion relates to a topic in our personal development program called 7 […]

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How To Bring Out The Best In Yourself

I gave a keynote presentation this past weekend and the theme of the conference was leadership and teamwork. I was asked to share some ideas that would help kick off the conference and get people into a positive mindset. This video covers the main topic of my presentation which was all about “bringing out the […]

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How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Rut

In the past week I faced a few challenging days where I was basically in a rut. I could not seem to motivate myself and I found myself feeling frustrated over the tiniest little issues. It was basically a mini slump. Video 1 – My Explanation Video 2 – My Solution

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Get More Interested in Other People

Have you ever been guilty of pre-judging someone before getting to know them? Do you take the time to meet new people, regardless of their background, and really take an interest in their life? I have recently started doing more of this and it has been fascinating. You can really learn a lot about people […]

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Warning About Stretching Your Comfort Zone

I will start this off by saying that ANYONE who wants to get into business for themselves must learn very quickly to move outside of their comfort zone. When you first start to do this, any tangible action will do because you are not accustomed to being uncomfortable. Over time, your threshold for moving outside […]

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Are you a Spectator or an Achiever?

When I work with various coaching clients, I generally notice that they have a tendency to fit into one of 2 categories. They are either Spectators by nature or they are achievers by nature. What do I mean. Check out the following presentation and then decide which category you fall into. People who read this […]

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Everything Has an Opposite

Here’s a quick video I shot to help anyone realize that every problem is also an opportunity. This is a pure fact and a law of our universe. It is up to you to seek out the opportunity in a negative situation and focus your energy and attention on that positive angle. Check out the […]

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Stop Worrying About What People Think

In this post, I had to get some stuff off my chest about a topic I’m sure 99.9% of the readers will have some experience with… worrying about what people think of you. We’ve all done it at some point and to a degree, it is a very natural thing to do. The problem occurs […]

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The Truth About Creating Habits

I put this video together after a few conversations with friends about the idea of good habits versus bad habits. I know there are many personal development and self improvement books and systems that talk about habit creation. I have heard that habits can be created in as few as 26 day. I have also […]

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Don’t Wait for Permission to Succeed

I was listening to Bob Proctor tell a story about Ben Hogan and his journey as a professional golfer. If you don’t know the Ben Hogan story, you should check it out. It is unbelievable! You’ll learn more in the video below. The underlying message in the story is about giving yourself permission to take […]

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Success Thinking – Outside The Dots

Here is a short video I made with a challenge. Please watch the video and then comment about what you saw. Did you figure out the answer? Did you see the solution ahead of time? If you had seen this scenario before, how did you respond the first time. I am very curious about perception […]

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The Wisdom and Leadership of Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a world-leading expert on Leadership and Personal Growth. In the following 3 videos, he provides and excellent perspective on some of the most fundamental ideas for the attainment of personal success and self mastery. Watch, learn, enjoy and comment… Concentrate to Win Face Fear Fast Your Highest Freedom

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