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How to Motivate Yourself with a State Change

This is a serious technique for serious success seekers. Use with caution and monitor your own energy levels to determine how often you need to use this method: The post I refer to in my video is here:

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How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Rut

In the past week I faced a few challenging days where I was basically in a rut. I could not seem to motivate myself and I found myself feeling frustrated over the tiniest little issues. It was basically a mini slump. Video 1 – My Explanation Video 2 – My Solution

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Now Is The ONLY Time You Have

In my blog post last week I talked about the fact that we are always choosing how we spend our time and focus our energy. Each moment of our lives we have an opportunity to do something and make something happen. This is a follow up and it is a new video I created originally […]

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Eric Thomas – Motivational Speech About Success

I reserve the Inspirational People category on my blog for the select few people who have made a huge impact on me and I simply want to share their story. Eric Thomas is one of those people. I found his video on an Internet Marketing forum that I visit regularly and everyone was talking about […]

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Break Through Ridiculous Roadblocks

I have faced thousands and thousands of roadblocks on my business journey. People, events and circumstances will inevitably appear as roadblocks on your path to your dream. COUNT ON IT. What you don’t have to count on is letting the roadblocks stop you, demotivate you or intimidate you. If you get assertive and confident (even […]

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How Do You Start Your Day?

I have recently started arriving at the office shortly after 5am! I find that I am most productive in the early morning before distractions kick in. It allows me time to focus on goals and train my mind. This video shows some of my morning routine. Please leave a comment and share your routine or […]

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Success Coach Motivational Video

This is s a slideshow that my team and I put together originally just for our own personal inspiration. Then we found that it was so effective in getting our day off to a great start that we started sharing it with other people. Everyone has had great feedback. It is a series of inspirational […]

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