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How To Help Your Kids Be Resilient

In today’s post, I sit down with a good friend of mine (and fellow parent) Ronnie Nijmeh to discuss the very challenging subject of teaching your kids self reliance and resiliency. There is a careful balance between protecting children and letting them go through pain and struggle to learn for themselves. Where do you stand? […]

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Friday Ignite 3 – Wayne Dyer The Shift

If you are not familiar with Wayne Dyer’s work, I wanted to introduce you to him today. If you already follow him, then you are going to enjoy this. Wayne Dyer has been a personal development specialist for many decades and his work continues to grow, expand and evolve. Some of his latest projects have […]

Continue Reading Comments { 4 } – Successful Entrepreneur Launches New And Improved Version Of Acclaimed Program launches latest edition from successful and independent entrepreneur Justin Popovic September 20th, 2010 – Are you stuck in a dead end job? Do you want to work for yourself and find the freedom that gives you time doing more of what you love? That’s exactly what happened to Justin Popovic, former cushy jobholder who […]

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Setting the Bar – Shoot for the Stars

I met up with Brad Gosse again today and we had another great chat about success mindset. More specifically we talked about “setting the bar” in terms of your personal goals and objectives. I know many people like to use the S.M.A.R.T. system for goal setting (this is a system that encourages your goals to […]

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Entrepreneur Motivation How to Re-Motivate Yourself

My good friend Brad Gosse and I got together today and we ended up having a very interesting discussion about Entrepreneur Motivation. As any business owner can relate, being an entrepreneur is often a run of highs and lows. Your ability to pull yourself out of your low points is absolutely critical to your success. […]

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