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No One Is Paying You Much Attention

Today’s message is a 2 part update… Part 1 – A truth that I want to remind you of Part 2 – How this truth can help you improve your life The result you will get… 10x increase in your output Listen for details…

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When Feeling Grateful Is Difficult

Today’s post is an audio update… Have you ever had a hard time ACTUALLY feeling grateful for all of the great things in your life? I have often found myself saying, “I know I should be grateful for what I have but I can’t…” and it usually happened when something was going wrong in my […]

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What Entrepreneurial Success Means To Me

I wrote this article last year but it feels even more true today and I wanted to add an enhanced audio version of it which you can listen to below. You can also read/download the report version… True Entrepreneurial Success

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Separating Emotion From Intellect During Conflict

In the phenomenal book “The 50th Law” by Robert Greene, he reveals the following quote… Looking at people through the lens of your emotions will cloud what you see and make you misunderstand everything. In today’s update, I talk about the importance of dealing with people and circumstances in a way that gives you more […]

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How To Handle A Barrage Of Social Jabs

If you strive for any kind of achievement in your life, doesn’t matter what kind, you will come in contact with more and more people and eventually someone is going to publicly try to have a little fun at your expense. When someone attempts to attack your character, especially in social situations, your best defense […]

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Why You Don’t Want Things To Come Easy

Back in my corporate days, I was often miserable and frustrated. I day dreamed about the day I would no longer have to report to work. To no longer answer to a boss or manager and to have 100% control over my time. There were a lot of great benefits in that job. To name […]

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Making The Truth Priority 1

We all battle with our ability to handle criticism. When our work or our ideas are placed in front of the public and opened up to scrutiny, it can have a debilitating effect on our self esteem and self worth. The highest achievers have elevated themselves beyond this level of worry. How? Let’s discuss with […]

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