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Break Through To A New You

I am a firm believer that each and every one of us has a bigger, bolder more enhanced version of ourselves trapped inside waiting to be unleashed! In this post, I’d like to offer some ideas, tips and advice that will help you break through to a new version of you… Section 1 – Use […]

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Discipline Weighs Ounces

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote from Jim Rohn that says ““The pain of discipline weighs ounces whereas the pain of regret weighs tons.” Today’s post is the final update in a series of 100 consecutive days of writing, recording audio and/or recording video updates discussing topics related to mindset and motivation. I reach […]

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The Power Of Non-Interference

As we kick off a new year, there is an aura of excitement in the air. People feel more optimistic and renewed about the year ahead. I’ll admit I definitely get caught up in the “spirit” of the new year season. One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is a […]

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What’s Old Is New Again

As you work to develop yourself and improve your skills in your life and business, you will learn so many powerful lessons that give you that “aha” moment of inspiration. Think back to a time when you got an insight or an idea that gave you a huge rush of excitement almost as though you […]

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Stop Hating If You Want More Success

Today’s message is a short, but important. You’ve probably noticed the overwhelmingly high amount of negativity that floats around the internet. Find a talented actor, musician, speaker or writer and the comments about their work is often riddled with “haters”. It is one thing to offer constructive feedback to help someone. But if you are […]

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Keeping An Idea Journal

In the past I have discussed the idea of keeping a success log and a journal of your activities. Right now, I actually keep a total of 3 separate booklets/journals on the go. The first one is a daily journal where I write down my biggest insights, lessons learned, reflections on things that inspired me […]

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Demand More From Yourself Than Anyone Else Could

The title of this post is based on a famous quote from pro basketball legend Julius “Dr. J” Irving when he said “I demand more of myself than anyone else could ever expect.” Just repeat this quote a few times to yourself while you imagine the incredible levels of success someone like Dr.J (or anyone […]

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Developing A Sense Of Mission In Your Life

I’m sure you know people who are highly motivated and driven. It seems that no matter what they work on, whether it is a task in their job/business or doing something around the house, that there is a sense of purpose and “mission” to what they do. They want to do their very best and […]

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Embrace The Anxiety Of Problem Solving

Many of the best insights I have gained over the years have often been counter intuitive. For example, as I have been developing muscular strength with a rigorous weight training program, I have found that I can push more weight and complete more sets when I relax and calm myself mentally before and during each […]

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Take A Chance On YOU

One of the hardest things for me to watch is when I see someone who is trapped in a prison of their own making, unwilling to take control of a situation or make a change. The most common and obvious example of this is someone who continues to work in a job or a particular […]

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Its OK To Be Wrong And Admit It

One of the most difficult things to do for most people, is to admit that they have been wrong about something. For example, I have tried and failed a significant number of business ideas on my journey to become an entrepreneur. All of the failed ideas seemed amazing when I first started, but even when […]

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Sorry But It Takes Longer Than You Think

Big Goals. Large Visions for your life. Any major success you want to obtain… Is probably going to take a lot longer than you anticipate when you start the journey. Its just human nature. We get a good idea about something we want to be, do, have and the idea captures our minds and emotions. […]

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My Top 10 Insights From November

This post is actually day 60 of a 100 day challenge I created for myself. 100 motivational updates in 100 days. Its been a mix of written, audio and video updates. The goal is to commit to developing my abilities as a leader of motivation and self improvement. Specifically to expand my skills as a […]

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The Greats Inspire From Anywhere

I often think back to a question I received a year or 2 ago from a fellow online business owner. He was in a similar line of work as my business producing rebrandable “white label” digital products. He knew that one of my main passions was teaching and coaching personal development and motivation. He asked […]

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What Does Your Presence Mean To Others?

What if you were to start living your life, making your decisions and forging your attitude completely based on how you would impact those around you? How would you want people to describe you and your life if you were no longer around? Would you want to be remembered as strong and confident? Passionate and […]

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The Turnaround Day

Today I’d like to introduce you to a little strategy that you can apply any time you have caught yourself slipping off track in terms of focus and commitment to your major goals and aspirations. Its called a “turnaround day“. The idea is quite simple and best explained with an example. Just over a year […]

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New Exposure = New Perspective

Last week I picked up a book called Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It is an incredibly inspiring autobiography about Ben Carson’s journey to become one of most successful neurosurgeons in the world with a celebrated career. The majority of stuff I study and read deals with self improvement, psychology, and personal development so it […]

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Your Inner Voice – Are You Listening?

How many times in your life have you thought about pursuing something and then within seconds, you immediately discounted the idea? As example, I’ve heard this a number of times in various interactions with people. “It would have been so cool to be a (blank) but I chose this career path instead so its too […]

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Enlightenment On The Basketball Court

Last year my son started basketball on Saturday mornings. The program is run by a local group and I was asked to volunteer from time to time. This year I took on a bigger role volunteering to coaching/assistant coach every week during my son’s time slot (5-7 year olds) Up until today, I never really […]

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The Antidote To Your Shaky Confidence

Some people are simply better at focusing on their strengths and feeling confident more often than others. But I think for the majority of us, confidence is something that can disappear in a heartbeat if we allow our minds to buy into any kind of negative self concept. If you think it comes from lack […]

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