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Weeding Out The Weakness

As each day goes by and I spend more time examining my thought processes, habits and behaviors, I have given myself the opportunity to literally catalog a huge chunk of my mind. I do this through a combination of reading thought provoking books, watching inspiring videos and self reflection journaling. I also use very aggressive […]

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Winning Is 90 Percent Mental

Today’s message is an audio update where I reflect on some very interesting insights from a book called “With Winning In Mind – 3rd Edition” by Lanny Bassham. As a former Olympic gold medal winner and coach to many thousands of successful athletes and business people, Lanny Bassham has some excellent insights into the mindset […]

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Finding Inner Calm Under Stress

I was fired up from a killer workout tonight and rather than waiting for better lighting or a perfect place to shoot a video, I just turned on my iphone and shot the vid as I was. Check out a quick tip and insight about finding and ultimately CHOOSING inner sense of calmness when you […]

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Learning How To Control Fear

I’ve been reading some very interesting stuff on mental toughness and some specific books about Navy SEALS. Very enlightening information. One topic that keeps coming up is fear. I have written and talked about fear a number of times. I have studied fear in my own life at many many levels and I literally do […]

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The “Creating Confidence” Exercise

Recently I’ve been posting some techniques and strategies for personal improvement and feedback has been very positive. So I wanted to keep it going today… Topic – YOUR confidence: Did you know that confidence is a learnable skill? If you look at your life right now you will find confidence in many areas. If you […]

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The Turnaround Day

Today I’d like to introduce you to a little strategy that you can apply any time you have caught yourself slipping off track in terms of focus and commitment to your major goals and aspirations. Its called a “turnaround day“. The idea is quite simple and best explained with an example. Just over a year […]

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Punish Your Lower Self

We all have a higher self and a lower self. At any given time, we can feel usually one these two states: Higher self: Courageous, resourceful, confident, powerful, hi self-esteem. If you feel this way, you’re likely going to take better actions, and you’re more likely to execute it. Lower self: Fearful, discouraged, helpless, depressed, […]

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Excellence And Happiness – Part 2 Rant

Yesterday I posted an audio update about the tight correlation between how well we execute on a daily basis and the happiness we feel. The general message was… the more you commit to excellence in ALL areas of life, the happier you will generally feel. And conversely, when you let yourself slip, become lazy and […]

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The Correlation Between Excellence and Happiness

Today I have a very intriguing audio update for you. I do a lot of journaling and self assessment (pretty much daily) and recently I’ve been doing a bit of an audit on my levels of happiness over the course of the past 5-6 years. I noticed 2 very distinct periods of time where my […]

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Peak Mindset Doesn’t Happen By Chance

Last year I did a blog post about the power of repetition and I talked about how I used calendar alerts at 3 intervals per day for “mental conditioning”. Basically, my goal was to maintain a positive mindset and a high level of motivation and drive throughout my entire day. You can check out the […]

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The Antidote To Your Shaky Confidence

Some people are simply better at focusing on their strengths and feeling confident more often than others. But I think for the majority of us, confidence is something that can disappear in a heartbeat if we allow our minds to buy into any kind of negative self concept. If you think it comes from lack […]

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The Human Need For Consistency

In his amazing book Influence, Robert Cialdini talks about a powerful force in human psychology: The need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves. In this video I discuss the astonishing power of the human need to stay consistent in terms of self definition. If you go on the record as a strong opponent […]

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The Hunger For Control Is The Root Of Problems

A few years back I was running a teleseminar with a business partner. The goal was to have an open dialog about business and marketing and promote an upcoming live event. The morning before our teleseminar, we prepared all of the questions and answers that we wanted to cover on the call plus the overall […]

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Dental Floss Success Method of Self Improvement

Do you floss your teeth regularly? Like I mean religiously every single day? For years I was a huge liar. I lied to my dentist about my flossing habits. I’d go in for my cleaning and examination and they would ask about flossing and brushing. I would lie and say I flossed at least a […]

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My Secret Tool For Reaching A Peak Mindset

One of the most influential books I have read that has helped me improve my business and my life in general has been Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. I’ve been on a number of interviews where I have been asked the question if I could recommend only 1 book, what would it be? This is […]

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Don’t Let Fear Of Mistakes Stop You

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below…

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Mental Shadowboxing Technique

I have been neglecting this blog for the past couple of months but it does not mean I have not been working on new ideas, techniques and so on. In fact, I have been immersed in some really exciting personal growth studying that has been really helping in many areas of my life. I have […]

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The Need to be Right

Our world is full of variety. On any given day we can have both positive and negative experiences. Many of these experiences ultimately influence the way we see the world and the opinions we form about how the world works. Everyone lives in the context of their own perspective. While one person may look at […]

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Embracing Criticism and Judgment

In my latest video update, I talk about a topic that has been popping up a lot in my world for the past few weeks. For anyone doing something creative (like starting a business, running a blog, creating music, etc…) you inherently open yourself up to criticism and judgment. Most people avoid this at all […]

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How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Rut

In the past week I faced a few challenging days where I was basically in a rut. I could not seem to motivate myself and I found myself feeling frustrated over the tiniest little issues. It was basically a mini slump. Video 1 – My Explanation Video 2 – My Solution

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