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Discipline Weighs Ounces

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote from Jim Rohn that says ““The pain of discipline weighs ounces whereas the pain of regret weighs tons.” Today’s post is the final update in a series of 100 consecutive days of writing, recording audio and/or recording video updates discussing topics related to mindset and motivation. I reach […]

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Get Comfortable Being Your True Self

Today I had a very enlightening coaching call with a new client and we got into a discussion about how some people are going to love what you do, while others won’t have the time of day for you. This is especially true if you produce work that is consumable by other people (bloggers, musicians, […]

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Why You Should Develop Your Weaknesses

For a long time I believed in and followed the philosophy of “develop your strengths and outsource your weaknesses”. The basic idea is that the more you focus on doing the things you enjoy and that come naturally, the more successful you will be. The problem, like anything else in life, is when you follow […]

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Events Are Neutral – Your Opinion Determines Your Fate

In today’s audio update, I share kind of a bizarre story of an incident I witnessed a number of years back. This particular event has stayed with me and I often think about it when things happen to me in my life. Especially events that I didn’t really want… I use this story as a […]

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Sorry But It Takes Longer Than You Think

Big Goals. Large Visions for your life. Any major success you want to obtain… Is probably going to take a lot longer than you anticipate when you start the journey. Its just human nature. We get a good idea about something we want to be, do, have and the idea captures our minds and emotions. […]

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Why Being Consistent Is An Absolute Must

Today’s video is something I’ve wanted to share for quite some time. There is incredible power in your ability to be consistent. In business, relationships, health/fitness and life in general. But there’s a problem…being consistent isn’t always fun and there are times when being “too consistent” and failing to see that you are off track […]

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No One Is Paying You Much Attention

Today’s message is a 2 part update… Part 1 – A truth that I want to remind you of Part 2 – How this truth can help you improve your life The result you will get… 10x increase in your output Listen for details…

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How To Help Your Kids Be Resilient

In today’s post, I sit down with a good friend of mine (and fellow parent) Ronnie Nijmeh to discuss the very challenging subject of teaching your kids self reliance and resiliency. There is a careful balance between protecting children and letting them go through pain and struggle to learn for themselves. Where do you stand? […]

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Stop Worrying About Overdoing It

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My 30 Day Challenge

One of the biggest things I see people struggling with, whether I’m coaching or even just people I meet in general, is that they know what they *should* be doing to improve certain things in their life… but they don’t actually *do* it! In some cases, these people have read and studied a wide variety […]

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How to Motivate Yourself with a State Change

This is a serious technique for serious success seekers. Use with caution and monitor your own energy levels to determine how often you need to use this method: The post I refer to in my video is here:

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Now Is The ONLY Time You Have

In my blog post last week I talked about the fact that we are always choosing how we spend our time and focus our energy. Each moment of our lives we have an opportunity to do something and make something happen. This is a follow up and it is a new video I created originally […]

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Who Supports Your Dreams?… My Biggest Supporter

Today’s post is a tribute to my wife and a discussion about the importance of having people around you who support your goals. Thankfully, my biggest supporter is my wife which has made my transition from employee to entrepreneur much easier that it would have been otherwise. She has been there to encourage me when […]

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How Do You Start Your Day?

I have recently started arriving at the office shortly after 5am! I find that I am most productive in the early morning before distractions kick in. It allows me time to focus on goals and train my mind. This video shows some of my morning routine. Please leave a comment and share your routine or […]

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Success Thinking – Outside The Dots

Here is a short video I made with a challenge. Please watch the video and then comment about what you saw. Did you figure out the answer? Did you see the solution ahead of time? If you had seen this scenario before, how did you respond the first time. I am very curious about perception […]

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3 Myths Of Search Engine Optimization

I have learned so much about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from this guy, Brad Gosse. In preparation for an upcoming seminar series we are running together, I had a chance to sit down with Brad and ask him to clarify some of the major myths that are floating around regarding SEO and […]

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Accelerated Internet Marketing Course

I would like to invite you to the most exciting event of my coaching career… 1 year ago, through a series of seemingly random events, I was introduced to a very successful online businessman named Brad Gosse. At the time, Brad had been a full time Internet Marketer for 12 years. He had sold millions […]

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100 Life Goals

I am currently involved as a coach for a private Internet Marketing members forum. The purpose of the forum is to help online entrepreneurs build their businesses and achieve their goals. There are a number of personal development challenges that everyone is going to be taking part in. One of them is to define a […]

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