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Friday Ignite 14 – The NO Complaint Diet

Success ultimately boils down to productivity. Productivity boils down to maximizing your time. Maximizing your time requires an intense focus on getting the MOST out of every minute, every hour, every day. Any moment spent complaining robs you from making a real change in your life. Try this mental diet today… Please leave me a […]

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Friday Ignite 13 – Don’t Cheat Yourself

Very often it is easier to avoid challenge than face it head on. Too often, people want to find the shortcuts to success. But the truth is that, REAL success and growth comes from facing those challenges head on. Don’t cheat yourself. Don’t deny yourself the self expansion that comes with struggle and laying it […]

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Friday Ignite 12 – The Power Of Repetition

Excellence is typically the result of a lot of small things done well. Small, incremental changes to improve yourself will have a cumulative effect over time to help you produce amazing results. The challenge is getting ourselves to do the little things well… and do them consistently. This strategy will help you effect change in […]

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Friday Ignite 11 – Be Willing To Push Your Limits

You may have heard me talking about my new early morning routine. I’ve been getting up at 4am most days. Pushed it to 3am a couple of times this week 🙂 This is not just me being crazy. It is an experiment. An experiment in pushing my limits and limiting beliefs. A push to give […]

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Friday Ignite 10 – The Enemy Who Blocked My Success

On the road to freedom there was pain… there was failure. There were people who tried to steal my dream. There were people who criticized, judged and told me i was making a mistake. This video tells it all…

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Friday Ignite 9 – Critique The Critics

Last week I started writing my first book. Why I waited so long to finally do it is beyond me but now that I’ve started the “momentum” is picking up big time. I’m doing a ton of research for this book by talking to people who have reinvented themselves in 1 or more areas of […]

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Friday Ignite 8 – Trash Your Unwilling-To-Do List

This is one of my favorite topics. The “unwilling to do” list. Are there actions you have been unwilling to take that COULD be moving you closer to your goals/dreams? (BTW I obviously am talking about actions that DON’T harm other people… you know ethical stuff lol) If you have things you are unwilling to […]

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Friday Ignite 7 – Owning Your Mental State

How often are you aware of your emotions? How often does your lack of control over your emotions HURT your progress towards your goals? What can you do, starting today, to take control of your emotions and get yourself to be in a peak state so that when it comes time to take action… you […]

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Friday Ignite 6 – Power of Momentum

For years I’ve been playing pick up basketball. I just love it. Unfortunately my 5 foot 8 stature and mediocre athletic ability has hindered my dreams of being an NBA star 😀 But I always love the feeling of getting out there and playing… of having some intense practice time. I remember spending hours practicing […]

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Friday Ignite 5 – Calm Under Pressure

How do you deal with pressure in stress in your daily life? Do you get totally absorbed in the stress to the point where it ruins your day or even your entire week? Or have you created habits and practices that allow you to keep a level head so you can be successful in whatever […]

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Friday Ignite 4 – A Cool Thank You Note I Got

So I was checking my email this morning and I found a really cool thank you letter from someone who I hadn’t actually met before. So you’re probably wondering… if I had never met him, how the hell did I deserve the thanks? Check this out to get the story: Since filming the vid, I […]

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Friday Ignite 3 – Wayne Dyer The Shift

If you are not familiar with Wayne Dyer’s work, I wanted to introduce you to him today. If you already follow him, then you are going to enjoy this. Wayne Dyer has been a personal development specialist for many decades and his work continues to grow, expand and evolve. Some of his latest projects have […]

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Friday Ignite 2 – Goal Striving Paradox

How many times have you set a goal and failed to reach it? Personally, I have lost count. Sometimes it was because my goals were too aggressive. Other times I lost interest in the goal. And then another portion of the time, I was pretty much sabotaging my achievement of the goal. The following video […]

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Friday Ignite 1 – Can You Believe It?

This blog is the very first website I built as an entrepreneur. It actually used to be an old school HTML style site and then I turned it into a blog in 2009. As I have evolved my online business, I have started dozens (if not hundreds) of websites and projects. In the mean time, […]

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