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Going from Employee to Full Time Business Owner

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As someone who went from the apparent “security” of a full time career position to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, I know this is a monumental move for people to make. It requires courage, confidence, faith and a great deal of determination. It is not […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Romance Bubble

I am an avid blog reader and I am always finding new ideas and new sources of inspiration from all corners of the Net. I recently read a great post on a blog called “Marc and Angel Hack Like” at called “How to Make the World a Better Place”. I talk about the premise […]

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Nobody Cares About You or Your Stuff

Brad and I got into a pretty in-depth discussion about marketing and the psychology of buyers. The conclusion we arrived at is that nobody actually cares about you, your business or even your product and services… they are only concerned about themselves and what’s in it for them. So, how to do leverage this and […]

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Charge What You are Worth

In this video, Brad and I discuss a common decision facing many entrepreneurs… How to set your price. If you are delivering a high valued, specialized service, you need to charge accordingly. Lawyers and accountants charge by the minute and everyone pays their fees without asking. It should be no different for you assuming you […]

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