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Don’t Underestimate What It Really Takes To Succeed

It is always an interesting exercise to look back over the past 6 years and analyze how my psychology has changed from employee to entrepreneur. There were so many things I “thought” I understood when I first became a business owner. But, like many aspiring entrepreneurs, what you read in books and what you see […]

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The 10X Rule And How I’ve Used It

Today I wanted to share a little insight from a Kindle book I’m currently reading called “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. As you may know, I’m an avid reader of personal development books and I always seem to gain a new insight and get a dose of inspiration from each new book I go […]

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Choose To Stay Relaxed Amid Pressure

The past few days have been an especially busy time for me. In my line of business we do a lot of product launches which inherently increase the amount of demand on my time. I’m usually bouncing around between emails, phone calls, Skype messages while still working on new projects that I intend on advancing […]

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Anticipation – Deal With Problems In Advance

A skill I never knew about when I first became a business owner was the skill of anticipation. Being able to think about all potential problems and unexpected outcomes lets you deal with them in advance. Unfortunately, you can’t skip the steps required to learn anticipation skills. Its mostly just an experience thing. However, you […]

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The Greats Inspire From Anywhere

I often think back to a question I received a year or 2 ago from a fellow online business owner. He was in a similar line of work as my business producing rebrandable “white label” digital products. He knew that one of my main passions was teaching and coaching personal development and motivation. He asked […]

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Doing Your Best vs. Good Enough

With today’s post I had a lot of my entrepreneur friends in mind but the message applies to anyone really. Whatever projects we are working on right now, for anything that is truly important to us, we have this battle between making sure our work is as high quality as possible… while at the same […]

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What Entrepreneurial Success Means To Me

I wrote this article last year but it feels even more true today and I wanted to add an enhanced audio version of it which you can listen to below. You can also read/download the report version… True Entrepreneurial Success

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How To Really Help Someone Change

How do you really help someone? I’m part of a marketing Facebook group where people discuss various aspects of marketing, life and business. A recent post came from a lady who met an insurance salesman. Previous to this job he had been out of work, didn’t want to work in sales, but this was all […]

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Mental Shadowboxing Technique

I have been neglecting this blog for the past couple of months but it does not mean I have not been working on new ideas, techniques and so on. In fact, I have been immersed in some really exciting personal growth studying that has been really helping in many areas of my life. I have […]

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30 Day Challenge – Day 1

New Member Counter: 1 My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here So, I had a great Day 1. I was happy with what I was able to accomplish. I summarized my major actions in this video: Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new […]

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My 30 Day Challenge

One of the biggest things I see people struggling with, whether I’m coaching or even just people I meet in general, is that they know what they *should* be doing to improve certain things in their life… but they don’t actually *do* it! In some cases, these people have read and studied a wide variety […]

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Creating a Successful Business Online

Guest Post by Richard Butler Creating a successful business online For many people the dream is to have and run a successful business online.  It’s a dream because it means a lot of things to people: Untold riches Untold amounts of travel Untold amount of free time However is this a dream or a reality? […]

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Don’t Let Weak Relationships Hold You Back

I have heard this kind of story so many times. Aspiring entrepreneurs REALLY hate their job, have an intense desire to make a change in their life and start their own business but they are discouraged by “well meaning” family members or friends. If your relationship with someone is being threatened because you have the […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 7 – Perseverance

As with any personal development discussion, we have discussed many concepts and ideas that will change your habits and ultimately your behavior. None of these changes will be long last without persistence and perseverance. From Day 7 of our 7 Day Brainwash program, Brad and I share some of our thoughts on how to build […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 6 – Earning Money

The money discussion can always get a little iffy. Some people have very strong opinions about money, how it is earned and so on. In this video, Brad and I attack some of our underlying beliefs about money and the whole concept of the true nature of money. From Day 6 of our 7 Day […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 5 – Develop Confidence

Confidence is one of those human traits that can come and go like the weather. I know in my life I see this happen a lot with sports. One day, I will play an amazing game in basketball and feel like I’m the best player on the court. The next game, I make a few […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 4 – Dealing with Fear

Facing fear is certainly a topic I have discussed on more than one occasion and I am sure it will come up again. It is for a good reason though. We all need to analyze our fears and evaluate how they may be preventing us from doing things in our life. From Day 4 of […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 3 – Productivity Tips

Being productive is something that can be defined differently by different people. What I consider to be productive today would not have been even remotely fathomable 2 or 3 years ago. My productivity levels have never been higher but it was not always that way. Being productive requires practice and planning. From Day 3 of […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 2 – Committed Action

Moving on to Day 2 of our 2011 kick off, we talk about a huge topic in everyone’s life. Taking action. Many people “know” what they should be doing but they don’t always “do” what they know. Action is the key to achieving anything and we wanted to shed some light on the topic. From […]

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2011 Kick Off – Day 1 – Your Personal Vision

My good friend Brad and I wanted to kick off 2011 with a serious discussion about 7 of the most important ideas in our lives. Over the next 7 days, we are going to share these topics and give you our perspective. Each discussion relates to a topic in our personal development program called 7 […]

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