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Leverage Your Time – When to Outsource Work

By now you have probably become accustomed to seeing Brad and I chat on video about various business topics. For this video, I took the opportunity to ask Brad some questions about a topic that he is a master at…. outsourcing. If you are in business for yourself, you probably have way more ideas than […]

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Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

This is a video Brad and I have been meaning to shoot for a while. Since becoming a full time entrepreneur, I have repeatedly caught myself working just for the sake of working. “Busy work” as some people may call it. For whatever reason, I feel fearful when I stop working. It is almost as […]

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Breeding Entrepreneurship by Cameron Herald

I received a Tweet from Tim Ferriss about this inspiring new video that was released from the TED Event recently held in Edmonton Alberta Canada. As an employee turned entrepreneur as well as the father of 2 boys, this video had an unbelievable impact on me. Probably the best presentation I have seen online so […]

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Nobody Cares About You or Your Stuff

Brad and I got into a pretty in-depth discussion about marketing and the psychology of buyers. The conclusion we arrived at is that nobody actually cares about you, your business or even your product and services… they are only concerned about themselves and what’s in it for them. So, how to do leverage this and […]

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Work Expands to Fit the Time Allotted

This was a lesson I first learned from a Brian Tracy coaching program I was enrolled in. I think most people can relate to the subject. Very often, the projects that we take on will take as much time as we allocate for the task. For example, if you give yourself 2 weeks to prepare […]

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Charge What You are Worth

In this video, Brad and I discuss a common decision facing many entrepreneurs… How to set your price. If you are delivering a high valued, specialized service, you need to charge accordingly. Lawyers and accountants charge by the minute and everyone pays their fees without asking. It should be no different for you assuming you […]

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Using the Internet as a Self Development Tool

A large majority of our population waste a lot of time on the Internet. It is a very easy thing to do in this generation of information addiction. I am just as guilty as anyone else for having wasted many valuable hours surfing aimlessly. Since becoming a full time business owner over 2 years ago, […]

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Success Thinking – Outside The Dots

Here is a short video I made with a challenge. Please watch the video and then comment about what you saw. Did you figure out the answer? Did you see the solution ahead of time? If you had seen this scenario before, how did you respond the first time. I am very curious about perception […]

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3 Myths Of Search Engine Optimization

I have learned so much about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from this guy, Brad Gosse. In preparation for an upcoming seminar series we are running together, I had a chance to sit down with Brad and ask him to clarify some of the major myths that are floating around regarding SEO and […]

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Accelerated Internet Marketing Course

I would like to invite you to the most exciting event of my coaching career… 1 year ago, through a series of seemingly random events, I was introduced to a very successful online businessman named Brad Gosse. At the time, Brad had been a full time Internet Marketer for 12 years. He had sold millions […]

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