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Quick & Effective Visualization

Although I am a very practical and action oriented person, I have come to not only accept but also embrace the power of visualization. The more we can learn to use our minds to help us achiever our intentions, the better we feel about ourselves and the better we feel about the results in our […]

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Nothing is Impossible

An athletic oriented motivational video that demonstrates the power of commitment to excellence. Athletes who excel at the highest levels of competition display more drive, intensity heart and desire than most other people in the world. As a huge sports fan, I have a deep appreciation for all athletes who compete at the highest levels […]

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Diablo Cody – Taking Risks

This is a cool video that we featured in an Ignite Your Essence weekly newsletter back in the spring of 2008. It features Diablo Cody and Ellen Page talk about the mindset of risk taking and how risk is essential for success. It was a good personal reminder for me that my level of success […]

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These Kids Mean Business

This is one of my favourite topics to discuss, youth entrepreneurship. This video is a clip form a PBS documentary that showed the extraordinary lives of young entrepreneurs and how learning business has been a total live altering/life improving experience for them.

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Brian Tracy – Achieve 1 Goal in 24 Hours

I had the great pleasure of being coached by one of Brian Tracy’s top coaches as I worked through his powerful 12 lesson personal development formula. Brian Tracy has success literally decomposed into a science that anyone can learn and apply to whatever unique life situation they may have. In this video, Brian gives an […]

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Where The Hell is Matt?

I love the story of Matt Harding. His story is so crazy yet so inspirational at the same time. He traveled the world making a viral video that literally made him an internet celebrity. You can also check out his website at http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/

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Dalton Sherman

Another video you very well may have seen already. It is amazing. 10 year old Dalton Sherman gives a motivational speech in front of nearly 20,000 spectators at an educational event in Texas. This kid has a big future ahead of him…

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