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Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

I have been wanting to blog about this topic for some time now. For the past 6 or 7 weeks, I have spent all of my “study time” immersed in the work of Tony Schwartz from The Energy Project. I am almost done his book called The Power of Full Engagement (not an affiliate link, […]

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Creating a Successful Business Online

Guest Post by Richard Butler Creating a successful business online For many people the dream is to have and run a successful business online.  It’s a dream because it means a lot of things to people: Untold riches Untold amounts of travel Untold amount of free time However is this a dream or a reality? […]

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Success Coach Justin Popovic with Jack Canfield

I had the pleasure of being a lead sponsor at a live Jack Canfield workshop in Caledon, Ontario in 2008. The program featured a full day of coaching and learning with one of the world’s best success coaches. During this full day session, Jack shared his most fundamental teachings from his book “The Success Principles”. […]

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Justin and his wife Jessica Popovic with Lisa Nichols

In the fall of 2008, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending a live seminar/workshop with Lisa Nichols. Ms. Nichols is a best selling author, speaker and featured teacher in the hit movie ‘The Secret‘. Since joining the personal development industry, I have had the opportunity to see many speakers present at various […]

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Rejection Pain

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence As a success coach, I often observe the behaviour of people to determine what drives and motivates them. Almost everyone I meet has a big vision and an inborn desire to be or do something far beyond their current reality. Very few people, however, take the required action to […]

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Cherish the Tough Times

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence We’ve all been there at some point in our life. Everything seems to be moving along smoothly when something suddenly happens; a challenge, a barrier, a crisis. These events can range anywhere from being mildly inconvenient to downright terrible and sometimes devastating. When situations like this arise, we all […]

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Making a Habit of Personal Development

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence It can be a rather amusing task to sit back and analyze some of the daily rituals we perform, often without giving any conscious thought. I believe this is a good thing because we would accomplish very little if we had to stop and think about every task we […]

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The Secret to Instant and Lasting Motivation

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence Do you have a list of goals and desires that have yet to be fulfilled? Do you find yourself generating exciting new ideas only to find that you lose the motivation to complete them shortly after you get started? Perhaps you talk yourself out of that great new idea […]

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A Book That Changed My Life

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence Joining the personal development industry was one of the best moves I have ever made in my life. I have had (and continue to have) the pleasure of studying and learning from a wide variety of inspirational and motivating authors and entrepreneurs. There are so many great mentors out […]

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Step Into the Fear

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence There’s no feeling like it. It is real and it is powerful. It creates intense physical sensations that cause our brains to scream “RETREAT”! It is also useful because it keeps us alert and keeps us safe. It is the emotion of fear and it has been one of […]

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Systemize Your Success

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence When it comes to personal behaviour and getting your daily activities in harmony with your life goals, it is absolutely critical to have a system in place. Brain researchers claim that between 90-95% of all human behaviour is habitual which means we literally perform these activities without really thinking […]

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20 Months to One Million

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence Being the owner of multiple businesses, I am always conscious of my money from both a personal and professional perspective. Our lives are very much intertwined and often controlled by our ability to manage, save and spend our money. I was recently reminded of a great concept that I […]

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The Forgotten Skill of Focus

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence Lately, I have noticed a common theme among many friends, colleagues and associates. It seems we are all struggling with the same issue – the ability to stay focused on a single task for a prolonged period of time. When I recently took a mental inventory of my typical […]

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The Universe Inside Your Brain

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence The title of this article has been named after a chapter in the powerful personal development and business development book called “The Answer” by John Assaraf and Murray Smith. This book has had such a positive impact on my business and personal life that I felt compelled to share […]

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Trading Your Life

By Justin Popovic, Ignite Your Essence Whether you realize it or not, the way you choose to spend your day is ultimately a trade off. You are literally trading the minutes, hours and days of your life in exchange for your current activities. Most of us spend 40 (and often more) hours per week trading […]

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Free Life Success Gifts

Hi Friends, I’d like to thank you for stopping by to check out my website, IgniteYourEssence.com. I am your success coach, Justin Popovic, and I would like to offer you a few free gifts to introduce you to the Ignite experience. In addition to my free e-Course (see top right opt-in box), you can immediately […]

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Meet Your Success Coach

Hi Friend, My name is Justin Popovic. Welcome To My Success Coach Website. Please Have A Look Around. This Site is Packed With Useful Information That Will Help You Get Motivated And Achieve Massive Success In Life! Justin Popovic, Success Coach

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