30 Day Challenge – Day 8

New Member Counter: 3

My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR

My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here

Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business today:

Action Item 1: Spent the majority of the day studying copywriting courses

On Day 7, I talked about creating a new offer where I will offer 10 free seats in my mentoring program (value $197) for the first 10 people who join my membership site. In order to make this campaign work, I wanted to implement a more structured approach to my sales letter.

I have realized during this challenge that my sales letters (for any of my offers) are easily the weakest component of my marketing arsenal. There is no better time to correct it than now.

So… in the end I did not complete the offer for the 10 free seats but it is definitely a work in progress (more on that in Action Item 2).

Among my “studying” duties today was an entire book called Paint By Numbers Copywriting. I thought it was one of the better guides I have seen in quite some time. I made a quick little list of the key lessons I pulled from this guide:

– You can have the world’s greatest product, if your sales letter sucks it won’t sell
– You can have the world’s greatest product, you still have to sell it hard
– Selling a product in writing is about story telling and evoking emotion
– Despite your best intentions, most people do not want to part with their money
– You have to have 1 MAJOR benefit that your entire campaign revolves around
– You need to speak to the reader and RARELY refer to yourself or your problems, talk only to their problems
– You need to remove all risk from the mind of the buyer and take all the risk on your own shoulders (you need to do this to show confidence on your product)
– Get as many testimonials as possible. You cannot “toot your own horn”. Others must do that job for you

Action Item 2: Writing the sales letter for my mentoring promo

As I mentioned, I am going to do a promo for the first 10 membership buyers. They will get my $197 mentoring program for free. But I want to make sure I sell this program properly. The sales letter for this offer is going to laser focus on my absolute ideal candidate. In general, my ideal candidate is someone who wants to run a full time business online and needs lots of content to build their brand and their product catalog (this is a huge audience).

I have completed the headline, the testimonials and the opening remarks. I now need to work on the body of the letter as well as the calls to action and my guarantees. My intention is to get it done this weekend while I’m in Raleigh, NC at the Warrior Forum Event.

My new deadline is to release this offer on Tuesday morning once I return from the conference.

Action Item 3: Rebuilt the WSO for Best Quality PLR Membership program

This one classified ad on the Warrior Forum has been responsible for around 30% of our membership sales so far. But it was out of date and I had not promoted the page in about 7 weeks. So I spent about an hour rewriting and redesigning the page.

Check it out here. I just promoted the offer tonight so fingers crossed for some sales overnight 🙂

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