30 Day Challenge – Day 6

New Member Counter: 3

My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR

My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here

Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business:

Action Item 1: Launched a new Warrior Special Offer (WSO) For a new product

After putting together a draft of the sales letter yesterday, I completed it today and posted the WSO. It went live around 2pm. Click here to see the actual sales letter.

I am trying a new strategy with this WSO. With all of our previous WSOs I used the product launch to promote the membership. On this one, I do not mention the membership at all. Instead, I am adding the buyers to a list where they will receive a bunch of unannounced bonuses which will increase the overall value of their purchase. Then, in a couple of days, I am going to send them an offer to upgrade to our membership site at a discount (I will discount it by the amount they already paid for this product).

Hopefully this creates more interest in the membership program.

Action Item 2: Continue to grow my affiliate efforts

So one area of marketing that I have yet to master is the whole aspect of recruiting affiliates. I know that one of the most important components of getting affiliates to promote your content is to have DAMN GOOD content. I truly believe our PLR site meets that criteria and, more importantly, many of our customers have said the same.

Today I spent about 90 minutes reading up on various affiliate recruiting strategies. One of the strategies is to partner with other product sellers and offer free content to their lists. I have tons of content I can use in this regard so I will be carving out some time tomorrow to package something up and begin contacting affiliates.

Action Item 3: Sales Letter Analysis and Tweaking

So I found this gig on fiverr where you can get a professional sales letter review. There is a copywriter who offers his initial feedback on video for 5 MEASLY DOLLARS! I received his feedback after a couple of days and he had some really solid tips.

I am spending the rest of my evening going through his suggestions and making changes to the copy so I can test to see if improves conversion. I will then use this copy on the WSO forum as I have a special offer for the membership already running. So I will update that sales letter and bump the ad back to page 1 of the WSO forum.

Fingers crossed.

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