30 Day Challenge – Day 5

New Member Counter: 3

My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR

My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here

Here is a video summary of my Day 4 activities

Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business:

Action Item 1: Changed Sales Letter And Executed New Marketing Test

I’ve already mentioned a number of times that we use the Warrior Forum as one of our main websites to do marketing. There are a lot of PLR buyers who go to the Warrior Forum looking for new content. In the Warrior Special Offers section, we have about 35 different PLR products for sale as individual items. People can buy a single item at a discount.

BUT we also use each of these sales letters to promote our membership site since many of the buyers are probably repeat buyers looking for PLR in volume. As I mention in my video, I altered the sales letter in one of our top selling products to include a nice graphic of our entire product catalog.

See the sales letter here!

This offer has converted one new member at the time of this blog post (as well as a few additional single license sales). So we are up a few hundred bucks on a $40 spend. Not too bad 🙂

Action Item 2: Finalized new sales video for our latest product

As we finish up the final touches on our latest product, one of my roles is to put together the sales letter and supporting materials. Sales videos are a VERY important part of the process because our products are usually very complex and contain hundreds of components. If our prospective buyers don’t understand exactly what they are buying, we will have issues converting prospects to buyers.

Here is the sales video I produced:

Action Item 3: Contact Other PLR Business Owners

If there is one lesson that has really sunk in for me this year, it is that online business people thrive on relationships. The community is amazing and even when it comes to competitive businesses, people are very happy to work together and share strategies.

There are a number of very successful PLR business owners who I follow and I am always impressed with the way they bring their offers to market. My third step today is to reach out to 5 people who I would like to form a relationship with and invite them to do a short interview about the PLR business. I will share their knowledge with my members and they will get an opportunity to showcase themselves and their company. As someone who takes interview requests all of the time, I am confident that the people I contact will be interested in working together.

So that is Day 5 in a nutshell. See you tomorrow!

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