30 Day Challenge – Day 29

New Member Counter: 15

My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR

My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here

2 new members today. 1 from my mentoring promo and on canceled customer who decided to come back!!

Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business:

Action Item 1: Built an affiliate guideline document for our new product launch on Warrior Forum

This worked out great. I launched a new WSO to promote our latest PLR product and to upsell the membership program. In order to get affiliates promote it, I offered commission on the WSO and on the backend upsell. I had to setup a special affiliate link so that new affiliates could promote both offers with one link.

Its actually pretty cool.


Action Item 2: Launched the WSO for Video Marketing Mastery

Here is the sales letter: Video Marketing Mastery

After about 6 hours we have made 41 sales and added 35 new people to our buyers list. All 41 people were sent to the membership upsell page so I’m waiting to see if any convert to the membership. Pretty decent numbers so far actually!

Action Item 3: Talked to new affiliates

Had 6 or 7 really great chats on Skype with new friends/JV partners. Some of them are already promoting the Video Marketing WSO and others are signing up to promote the membership site. One particular affiliate is a very experienced marketer who I am super excited to be working with.

Additional Update

Was supposed to run a webinar tonight with my friend Brad Gosse. We decided to pull the plug on the idea. It is a long weekend in Canada and many US people are taking a long weekend for July 4th. The numbers would have been super low and we decided it is smarter to run the webinar next week instead. Kinda hurts my shot at reaching 100 new members but I need to think long term LOL 😀

See you on Day 30!

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