30 Day Challenge – Day 27

New Member Counter: 13

My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR

My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here

Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business:

Another late night working here so I’m going to keep this update short. Added a new member today and also turned away a potential member. Based on the promo I described on Day 26, I had someone who wanted to join because I was giving away my mentoring as a bonus. But he had a lot of questions and seemed nervous to get started. I always tell coaching prospects who have that mindset to NOT buy yet. Instead I advise them to do more research and make a confident decision. They often come back to me later anyways 🙂

Action Item 1: Webinar Setup

So working with my friend Brad Gosse, we are going to run a webinar on Thursday evening to members of his list. We have the conference room all setup and the content is pretty much prepared. I have to spend some time tomorrow making sure I know how to operate all of the features… ESPECIALLY the feature that let’s me place my offer up for all to see 🙂

Action Item 2: Worked on sales letter for next Product

I have not yet released our latest PLR product (which came out 5 days ago) as a promo on the Warrior Forum. We do this step for every single product we create because there are lots of buyers there who want this content. I am still in the process of finishing a sales letter that will be used to sell this product and upsell the membership site.

I am going to include a special section of the sales letter to entice people to look at the membership option. This WSO offer should be up and running by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

Action Item 3: Contact Canceled Members

I have started sending personal messages to all former members who decided to cancel their membership for one reason or another. I am asking for feedback as to how we can improve and if/when they respond, I will offer them a special price to re-join the program. I have a feeling this may work as I have had a number of comments from canceled members who said that they enjoyed the products, but they just needed to cancel for one reason or another.

Hopefully some of them see the new content that has been added and decide to re-join us!

See you on Day 28!

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