30 Day Challenge – Day 25

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Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business:

Today was an interesting day. My wife was gone all day so I had a chance to really spend some quality time with my kids. My mind was totally removed from work for most of the day.

This is a very good thing because taking your mind off work can often bring forth your best ideas. And that happened to me today. I came to a realization that I have been selling my PLR membership all wrong. I have been telling people about the features. All of the cool things they get when they buy. But I have not focused on how this will benefit them in their life.

On the other hand, I have a coaching business where my mission is to help people escape the “job world” and become free entrepreneurs.

My PLR can be a massive utility that can help any online entrepreneur go full time. So why haven’t I been selling the PLR as a “tool” to become free? I’m not sure… but I did something about it.

I decided to put together an offer to everyone on my list that includes free mentoring if they join my membership program. But I am going to offer it in a unique way. I am doing a “video email” tomorrow! I got the idea from a new product I bought today about the power of video email.

So my 3 major actions today were:

Action Item 1: Bought and Went Through “Offline Video Email” product

Here is a link to the product. Click Here

Action Item 2: Created a special video for my list

Action Item 3: Created a landing page and email template

I will host the video message on my blog with a number of links and a buy button.

And I created what I believe to be a super cool email template. Here is what will appear in the inbox of my list members:

I am really excited to see how this goes!

See you on Day 25!

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